Seriously, who's going to turn me down?

By Gina Carbone

The plot thickens. And I like it.

This is what I miss: Not being sure what will happen next on “The Bachelorette.”

True, Reality Steve’s sources have been airtight since Jason Mesnick’s debacle on “The Bachelor” and he has insisted that Ali Fedotowsky is single, after picking neither Chris Lambton nor Roberto Martinez.

But it’s not only exciting to think that someone has figured out how to deceive Steve, and possibly his sources, it’s about bloody time.

I feel like all of the spoiler fans are (possibly) being played by Mike Fleiss, who is creepy but not a fool. He has been giving us a strong Ali Picks No One edit. Why would they lay it on so thick for us unless it’s all a red herring?

I know, I know. Wishful thinking. Rose-colored glasses. Cynicism fatigue. Etcetera. But I’m not alone.

US Weekly can say whatever it wants — maybe the rag does have it right for once; we all know about the blind squirrel. But that stuff about Ali wanting Converse at her wedding? She didn’t say that to Us Weekly, she said that in a pre-season media conference call I was on too; here’s the full transcript.

The people I really trust are the sleuths at Fans of Reality TV.

I was checking out their Roberto spoilers and found some interesting stuff. I’m posting a good portion of a thread, but be sure to check out the parts about Reality Steve being “fleissed” — (MF stands for Mike Fleiss, the Bachelor and Bachelorette creator/producer) — and the idea that there are two endings out there, one real, one fake.

I seriously hope the details below and this Hollywood Life story are all true, even though I’ve been trusting and quoting Steve forever. (And we share the same last name. Sorry. Not related. No loyalty.)

Of course, these could all just be rumors to keep us hooked right up until Ali chooses … no one, just like Steve said.


So here’s a portion of page 78 (I know) of the Roberto spoilers on

Tigerl on ABC board (this post was deleted)

(paraphrasing – Ali’s dad has said that Ali is engaged – not sure if this information indicated who she is engaged to)
Trisha22 from the ABC board

Being this is the thread for spoilers….I have something that was noted on the Bachelorette Board (ABC)….nobody seemed to pick up on it that much but it sure took my attention….could be totally in left field but something worth noting…

They said ABC has an alternative ending of Ali turning down her F1 when they film her turning down the F2….the “real” ending ill be spliced in between the last commercial and promo for Bach. Pad….

Ali and “the one’ have been masters of disguise and have been secretly meeting in different homes… a time share near Trista and Ryan

don’t know if this was mentioned did not go back on all the posts…..take this or leave it….

Originally Posted by BlondieGal View Post
I heard from a source today that Ali is engaged to Roberto. I cannot say that this is with 100% certainty but I did want to put it out there that this is what I heard from a source. Is it true? I do not know, but I have permission to post this tidbit. We will need to pay attention to the editing, plus further scoops from other sources.

This is not a guess rather something that a trusted source told me. We will see what comes of it.

Originally Posted by stayathomemom View Post
This is probably not what people want to hear but I can assure you that MF is considered a pure genius in the ABC family. The word was out before the taping of this season had ever begun that RS was going to get fleissed this time around on the ending.

MF doesn’t care that the spoilers are out on the dates because it’s the ending that matters to him period. Ali is his favorite because she agreed to help him “Fleiss” some people on the finale of this show.

Many ABC employees that have nothing at all to do with the production of this show know exactly what happened.They too have trusted sources and “friends” that work on the production of this show. There is a BIG surprised planned for the ending so that some can be “fleissed” . It is no secret in the ABC family that what Blondie has posted is what happened.


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