Here's Jason, gracing us with the original Mesnick. This is how I feel about the current Jake-is-everywhere situation.

By Gina Carbone

My TV just filed a restraining order against Jake Pavelka.


Here's Jake's Mesnick. He's not even leaning into the railing. Appalling lack of commitment.

“Bachelor Pad” was originally supposed to have 20 people, but the official cast list left it at 19.

Why? Were they perhaps waiting for Jake to end his “relationship” with Vienna Girardi? Looks like it to me.

It was just announced that Jake will drop into the “Bachelor Pad,” which is currently filming and will premiere Monday, Aug. 9 on ABC.

I don’t care if “drop into” just means he stops by for five more seconds of air time. It’s five more seconds than I want.

So, I’m sorry, but the label “fame whore” is all too appropriate. This whole charade makes me want to pull a Mesnick.

Make. It. Stop.


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