I blame this guy.

So much back and forth about what Ali Fedotowsky is going to do at the end of her season of “The Bachelorette.”

At first Reality Steve said he knew Ali didn’t pick Chris Lambton, which left Roberto Martinez. But now Steve is saying she is single and chose no one. He’s not even sure who comes out of the limo first for the initial rejection.

Can anyone really blame her for picking no one? I don’t think next Monday’s Justin “Rated-R” Rego scandal is going to push her over the edge, but when Frank Neuschaefer goes back to his girlfriend, Nicole Caruso — that’s going to kill her. She never had a strong connection with Justin. I think she just thought he was hot. But she seems to be falling for Frank and to hear that he’s in love with someone else — and to hear it right after Justin — that would make me want to stop the show right there.

**JULY 3 UPDATE** Now I’m not sure of anything! ‘Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: Is Ali Fedotowsky really engaged to Roberto Martinez? Has Reality Steve been ‘Fleissed’? **END UPDATE**

So what do you think? Roberto, Chris or Kirk for the next Bachelor? Or are you a Jesse person?


Anyway, here’s what Reality Steve reported today about the finale:

For those that haven’t been back to the site since last week, I posted Friday where everything stands in regards to the final two and what I know. Go back and read it if you haven’t. However, I have a new update. Now I have absolute 100% confirmation that Ali is single. She chose no one. Don’t know who came out of the limo first, don’t know if either of the guys proposed, don’t know what she said to them. All I know is Ali did not choose either Roberto or Chris and is single. I knew my sources would come through for me. So whatever you hear over the next six weeks in regards to rumors she might be with one of them, don’t listen to it. Can’t make it any clearer. Ali is single. And no, just because Jake is single now does not mean he and Ali are gonna end up together. That’ll happen around never. Already people are speculating he’ll try and get her back or something ridiculous. I’m telling you, it’s not gonna happen so don’t bother hoping it will. UPDATE: Well, here’s the proof. Ali has already addressed it and says there’s no chance. Click here to read what she says.


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