It looks like Roberto will be the last man standing ... but does Ali just leave him standing there?

By Gina Carbone

Ali Fedotowsky has been giving the Brad “I Don’t Want Either Of You” Womack vibe from day one. As expected, it’s looking like she is currently dating neither Roberto Martinez nor Chris Lambton, her final two as declared early on by Reality Steve.

So Chris Lambton gets the #2 spot. Looks like the big question now is who will be the next Bachelor. What a waste of a season.

Now Steve is coming forward with what he knows so far, which is that she dumps Chris L. at the final rose ceremony. So that leaves Roberto.

Steve says he does not know which of these possibilities Ali chose:

-She chose Roberto and they’re engaged
-She chose Roberto and they’re just dating
-She chose no one

There’s also the possibility that she chose Roberto and they broke up fast. This is the usual Bachelor/Bachelorette scenario.

***UPDATE*** As of June 22, Steve says Ali chose no one. Final answer. ***END OF UPDATE***

***UPDATE 2*** As of July 3, I am not sure of anything: ‘Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: Is Ali Fedotowsky really engaged to Roberto Martinez? Has Reality Steve been ‘Fleissed’? ***END OF UPDATE 2***

But since all of the interviews have described Ali as “satisfied” with her choice if not happy, it sounds like an early-rather-than-later breakup. No one is even feigning a short burst of joy.

Besides, she probably just wants to go on “Dancing with the Stars” anyway. And whatever happened to that guy she was supposedly seeing back in SanFran?


Anyway, here is a good portion of what Reality Steve posted today:

…I just don’t think I’m gonna find out any more than I already know, until the “After the Final Rose” episode tapes. So why not just release now what I know and let the cards fall where they may? It’s what I get bombarded with on email every day anyway, so I figured I might as well just tell people what I’ve been told. They can think what they want after that. If I’m wrong, so be it. But I feel strongly the information I’ve been given is correct.

Back in my blog post on 5/20, I said:

I can say this. The reason I am not running with anything is because I am not sure of the end result of the show. I mean, I’ve known all along there is one guy between Chris and Roberto that Ali DOESN’T choose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I know the ending. The way I see it, that leaves three possibilities remaining for the other guy:

-She chose him and they’re engaged
-She chose him and they’re just dating
-She chose no one

I know that there is no tricky ending with someone returning or anything like that and I know for certain that one of those two wasn’t chosen. I just don’t know what the result is with the other one.

Really, part of the reason is I’m just tired of getting asked about it, so I figured I’d let people in on everything I know and they can draw their own conclusions. There are a lot of rumors out there floating around, and even US Weekly ran with some stuff this week (which I’ll get to in a second) that really has me questioning what the hell they’re doing. Anyway, I’ve said for almost a month now, that between Chris and Roberto at the final two, I always knew there was one guy she didn’t choose. That person is Chris Lambton. So all the Chris Lambton lovers may now either breathe a sigh of relief that he’s single, or start hyperventilating because you’re so upset he’s not with Ali. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. So any sites reporting Ali is with/engaged to Chris Lambton…better luck time. Chris was rejected at the final rose ceremony. You took a 50/50 shot in the dark, and you guessed wrong. We have some parting gifts for you on your way out the door. Nice try.

And since there are no tricky endings, that leaves Roberto. Is she with him or is she single? Still not quite sure, however, overwhelming evidence that has been told to me says that Ali is a single woman today and she didn’t choose him either. Put it this way: I’ve heard from FIVE different sources who have told me that she’s single. As of two days ago, it was only three sources. Two more came forward in the last 48 hours and also told me. So if you’re asking me what I think happens at the end of the show, I’ll tell you that Ali is a single woman and didn’t choose anybody at the final rose ceremony. Is there a chance this could be wrong? I guess. But I highly doubt it. I trust the people I’ve spoken with. So that’s what I know.


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