There's my boy Miles sitting in the front. Everyone else is distractingly boring. OK, maybe not Abdi.

By Gina Carbone

Thank God. I finally have something to watch.

I get feverish when “Project Runway” is off season. True, True Blood” is fulfilling my camp needs. And I’m pathetic in my obsession with “The Bachelorette.” But it’s pure junk food.

I need something that mixes junk food camp with inspiring creative vision. In short, I need “Project Runway.” Or so I thought.

Turns out I just needed “Work of Art,” which is not just reminiscent of “Project Runway” it is “Project Runway,” just with artists. AKA The Only Group Of People Crazier And More Pretentious Than Designers.

Perfect. Obvious. About Flipping Time.

Abdi shows off his portrait of Ryan. I wish this had won last week.

I love this show. I also know nothing about art. Not a problem since I know even less about fashion. (Yes, I’m the girl buying clothes at Walmart. Sorry.) But I know plenty about drama and I say bravo to Bravo for finding a banner PR replacement. (Suck it, Lifetime.)

“Work of Art” has 14 quirky contestants/characters who make hilarious bitchy comments to the camera, just like PR. It has China Chow as the Heidi Klum equivalent and cute foreign Simon de Pury as the cute  Tim Gunn mentor. It even has people announcing how much time is left and telling the camera that everyone is “running around” and scrambling.

That’s PR. And “Top Chef,” but still … this is better than “Top Chef.” You can’t taste food on TV. You can’t even smell it. But you can see art. You can experience it through the TV, even if it’s diluted and dripping with eye roll-worthy irony — ala someone making a sculpture that includes the phrase “I hate reality TV.”

The winner of this thing gets a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000.

Update: I’m over Miles. Abdi should win.

Last week the artists were paired up and each had to create a portrait of the other. Miles Mendenhall — arguably the most adorably eccentric person on television right now — won for his death portrait of Nao Bustamante. Nao, by the way, is not responsible for how much you think her art lacks.

Miles' winning portrait of Nao from last week.

I love Miles. Love, love, love Miles. Not so much in love with his OCD and how often he talks about it. But I love Miles. Especially when he jumped in this week to announce that Trong Nguyen’s anti-reality TV sculpture was “distractingly boring.”


And true!

Miles is very aware of his place on this show. Having said that, I think Abdi Farah should’ve won that first challenge for his amazing and arresting portrait of Ryan Shultz. I feel like I now know Ryan just from Abdi’s portrait. Isn’t that the point? Or part of the point? Was there a point?

Just now on “The Shape of Things to Come,” the second episode of the first season, the artists had to create a sculpture out of materials from an appliance graveyard.

Miles stayed the star of the show, from talking about his OCD to taking a nap to making everyone sick with chemicals to lying to Jaclyn Santos about potential hair loss. He’s an odd cod.  He reminds me of Brett Clouser from “Survivor: Samoa.” In a good way.

Miles did some performance art by sleeping on his work in the gallery. Abdi did a statue with a TV head holding a remote control.

I was underwhelmed by the creativity in general this week, but it’s already clear that Miles and Abdi are the most talented artists on the show. But I’ve already said I don’t know anything about art, so take that for the nothing it’s worth.

Miles won this week. Again. Two weeks in a row and the show has only been on for two weeks. He said if they keep giving him free food, free beer and free art supplies he’ll stay here as long as they want. This kid was made for reality TV. And the producers know it.

Miles is anything but distractingly boring.

The elimination came down to Judith Braun, Jamie Lynn Henderson and Trong. Trong’s “distractingly boring” piece knocking reality TV sent him home.

Reality TV has spoken!


Here are the 12 artists left, from the original 14:

* Abdi Farah, 22 — Resides in: Baltimore, Maryland
* Erik Johnson, 30 — Resides in: Chicago, Illinois
* Jaclyn Santos, 25 — Resides in: Manhattan, New York
* Jamie Lynn Henderson, 24 — Resides in: Chicago, Illinois
* John Parot, 39 — Resides in: Los Angeles, California
* Judith Braun, 61 — Resides in: New York City, New York
* Mark Velasquez, 32 — Resides in: Santa Maria, California
* Miles Mendenhall, 23 — Resides in: Minneapolis, Minnesota
* Nao Bustamante, 46 — Resides in: Troy, New York
* Nicole Nadeau, 25 — Resides in: Manhattan, New York
* Peregrine Honig, 32 — Resides in: Kansas City, Missouri
* Ryan Shultz, 26 — Resides in: Chicago, Illinois