Not sure what Kirk is doing there with Roberto and Chris, but maybe he'll have scrapbook sessions with his bachelorettes.

I just love the idea that someone other than Reality Steve has a “source” with some spoilers on “The Bachelor”/”Bachelorette.”

Astrochicks had some intel the other day about Bachelor Pad and today they are jumping ahead to the next season of “The Bachelor.”

“A lovely young lady who auditioned for the show” told Astrochicks that an ABC casting director told her the season 15 Bachelor would be chosen from Ali Fedotowsky’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

As usual. We haven’t had fresh meat since Matt Grant on “London Calling.”

Anyway, to quote the Astrochicks post:

“In fact, they told her they have narrowed it down to Roberto Martinez, Chris Lambton, Kirk DeWindt, and Craig Robinson a Reality Steve lookalike. Why are they naming the final four? ABC casting wants to gauge each girls response over which Bachelor they would prefer as their potential hubby. A reality marketing survey I guess. So ladies, who would you prefer to wake up next to each morning? Bachelor A, B, C, or D?  I guess Mike Fleiss doesn’t want to choose a Bachelor the girls might hate. Smart!”

Craig R. as the next Bachelor? Are you crazy? This must be a joke.

There’s more to the post. Put on your conspiracy theory hat:

“If my source is correct, which I definitely think she is, ABC isn’t even considering a new Bachelor.  Does this mean Ali chose no one in the final rose ceremony? Is this why Reality Steve hasn’t found out the final scoop yet? Maybe! Or does it mean ABC doesn’t want to give away the show finale? Or does Mike Fleiss and ABC casting want to play it safe by naming all four, when in fact they are only looking at three of the four guys?”


I’ve said it every chance I’ve been given and sometimes when I know no one is listening: I think Ali is not seeing either of the final two guys (Roberto and Chris).

I can’t take seriously the idea of “bulls–t detector” Craig as the next Bachelor. Please.

And as much as I am starting to love Scrapbook Kirk, I want Roberto to be the next Bachelor. Maybe they wouldn’t give him the usual group of generic white chicks. If Chris is named the next Bachelor he’s probably going to get that exact group of generic chicks — straight off the ABC conveyor belt. Not interested.

I like Chris, but I’m not feeling Chris. I’m definitely on Team Roberto this season, and if Ali does cut him loose I’d be happy to spend a few more months with him. Gracias!


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