This pic of Mr. & Mrs. Sh*ts Rainbows is from the Facebook group "My Mission to bring Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzhan together." Yes, that's a real group!

By Gina Carbone

Reality Steve issued an update today on “The Bachelor Pad.” Not a ton of info and he’s not even sure about it, but it’s something. See below.

By the way, I think Steve STILL isn’t sure who wins Ali Fedotowsky’s season of “The Bachelorette” because ABC is using him, just like Jeff Probst is quietly using his dimples to take over the world. Believe it!


Here’s an update from Steve:

Ok, wanted to update you on the “Bachelor Pad”. Now, I’m not saying that this is 100% confirmed, but I have a list of 11 of the 20 people who I’m pretty sure are going to be on the show. Most of them arrive this weekend in LA and filming starts Monday. 15 days of filming with 2 or 3 people getting voted off every other day. Might be off on one or two, but I’m pretty confident you will see most, if not all, of these people on the show:

Kiptyn Locke
Wes Hayden
Natalie Getz
Dave Good
Jessie Sulidis
Tenley Molzahn
Nikki Kaapke
John Hardesty – Jillian’s season
Juan Barbieri
Gia Allemand
Mathue Johson – Jillian’s season

Details still sketchy about the show at this point, however, it looks like it’s gonna be a mix of “Survivor” (challenges), “Big Brother” (living in a house and voting people out), and the “Bachelor” (dating element). I will say this: I don’t know how the dating aspect is gonna work in terms of if the dates will already be set up by two people that might be compatible, or if you win a challenge, maybe you get to choose someone to go on a date with. Whatever the case, you can mark my words that no matter how it happens, Tenley and Kiptyn will be going on a date on this show. If not a couple Seems logical since they’ve been seeing plenty of each other outside of the show already. Hell, just follow Tenley on Twitter and you can pretty much read between the lines. They’re not in a relationship, since according to Kiptyn’s facebook page he’s still single, but make no mistake about it, they’ve seen each other on more than a few occasions over the last few months. Expect to see more of it on “Bachelor Pad”. Read in to that however you’d like. [Gina’s note: It has become someone’s mission to get these two together.]


OK, time for my commentary:

Here's Reid and his pageant chick Kristen Dalton in a twitpic Reid posted just to torture me. Or to show off. Or both?

I’m glad to see Juan and Dave back together. Man code! Thank you for including Wes, who is legitimately one of my favorite bachelors of all time. Love Wes. And he’s a HUGE deal in Chihuahua, Mexico. Or so we’ve been told. Kiptyn & Tenley are the most beige couple I can imagine. Gia deserves her own show. Why am I being forced to remember Jessie, never mind Nikki, John and Mathue. Natalie I vaguely remember as the princess who loved bears but had nothing to actually say to Jason Mesnick so he dumped her after a one-on-one date.

But since there are still names to be had, may I ask that you still consider Reid Rosenthal (he’s not married yet! that still counts as single!), Graham Bunn, Bob Guiney, tiara princess Erica Rose, Matt Grant, Marshana Ritchie, Brad Womack, Meredith Phillips and Bilbro. (Remember: “On a scale of one to Bilbro… I’m Bilbro.”)


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