Russell never uncovers his head. That's what he should do next time, when he and Boston Rob have the season where they kick each other's arses. Go Rob!

By Gina Carbone

Maybe Russell Hantz can go on “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars,” since the “flaw” in “Survivor” is that America doesn’t get to vote.

Hate to agree with Russell, but how DID she win twice?

Russell, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would’ve voted you to win “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

“Samoa,” maybe. Yes, actually, in hindsight I probably would’ve voted for you to win “Samoa.”

I give Russell credit, though. Even he said Parvati Shallow probably should’ve won this season.

(Read my live blog of the finale and my argument for why Parvati should’ve won Heroes vs. Villains.)

On the Reunion Show, Sandra Diaz-Twine was wearing a crown. That makes her “the queen” of Survivor. She said she is the best player for having played twice (she also won “Pearl Islands”) and won twice. I don’t agree.

Parvati said she’s played three times and lasted longer than anyone.

Russell said of Sandra, “she’s lippy and she knows it.” Social game, no. Physical game, “maybe the worst physical player to ever play the game.”

Sandra: “That’s actually a strategy.” (A sad one! As Jeff Probst noted, Sandra never won a challenge in either season. Even Courtney has won a challenge.)

Russell said Sandra’s strategy was to get rid of Russell and it didn’t work. There’s a flaw in the game. “If she can win twice, there is a flaw.”

Jeff finally made him stop.

Russell: “What needs to happen is America needs to have a percentage of the votes.”

The crowd went wild.

Sandra: “You still wouldn’t win if they had a percentage of the votes. The only people that like you are right there.” She points to Russell’s family.

Jeff said the show is clearly defined. It’s a group of people who come together and vote, etc. Maybe Russell would’ve won a different game.

Russell broke out a laminated copy of JT’s letter, saying this is how good he is. He got a winner to write him a letter and make the stupidest move in the game. JT made a move to take (and burn?) the letter. I just love that Russell kept it and got it laminated. He probably stares at it every night.

Sandra’s husband was back from Afghanistan and in the audience. He’s just back for two weeks and then returns overseas.

Jeff asked Parv if teaming up with Russell worked against her. She said yes, because they all hated Russell so much. They thought she was a coattail rider.

Parv, I love you! You should’ve won. She tied for second in the most individual challenges. Colby has the record with 7 wins.

Jeff asked about the hat. Russell said he didn’t know what happened until he saw Sandra burn it in the finale.

Russell said he gives credit where it’s due. “At the end of the day, Parvati, she probably should’ve won.”

WOW! I completely agree with him.

Jeff keeps trying to get Russell to calm down and take a deep breath.

Jeff asked Russell if he’s aware of the jury during the game. By yelling at Rupert, betraying Jerri — do you think about losing their votes?

“I don’t care about that fact,” Russell said.

Jeff asked Boston Rob if he had paired with Russell if it would’ve worked out. Rob said they could’ve worked well together. Rob said what Russell was just saying is he doesn’t play to win and that’s where he differs from Russell. Russell said Rob plays to win? “When have you won?” Rob said he’s never won, but he told Russell he’d gladly go back “and kick your ass.”

Jeff talked to Tyson and JT about their dumb moves. Jeff said there’s been a poll asking  people to vote on the dumbest move in the past 20 seasons. JT asked if there’s any money involved. Jeff joked that the winner of this poll has to give money BACK.

They created a tiki thing and JT won it for “the dumbest move in Survivor history” for giving the idol to Russell. Congrats!

Jeff talked about the season’s disappointments. James was a disappointment because of his injury, but also his attitude. James said he did have fun, it just didn’t show. Amanda defended him, as usual.

Rupert talked about his broken toes. Even he was surprised at lying, cheating and still being named a hero.

Colby was brought back because he embodies the qualities of a hero. (*Sigh* Yes, he does.) But things went wrong right away, from losing to Coach in the first episode to the end. Colby said he had more fun watching the show than being out there. He knew right away things were going to be different, physically. He said they were quarantined this time (?) In the past they could go explore and have adventures. You couple that with his bad challenges and it was a rough season. (So basically Colby just wanted an exotic vacation. Sorry, man. But that still doesn’t explain why you were more interested in “Treasure Island” than two half-naked girls wrestling.)

Amanda is a great player but she doesn’t have the killer instinct. She gets emotional and feels bad about voting people out. (Eye roll.)

Stephenie also represented the major competitor but she hurt her shoulder and never got up to speed. She was also one of the few people not friends with everyone there. She plugged her restaurant! Good for her.

Cirie said everyone has a perception of who and what you are and it’s hard to break that.

Jeff replayed the Tyson/Coach crying scene. Jeff found it “a very endearing moment.” He wanted Coach to talk about it, but keep it to a minimum because “you will tell a story.” Sure enough, Coach is a talker and goes on about wanting to change the perception of him from “Tocantins,” etc. Coach wants to be in Gryffindor! I still love Coach. Why didn’t Jeff ask about Coach + Jerri? Are they a couple now?

Boston Rob and Amber have given birth and there’s the baby, Lucia Rose. Cute!

Sprint Player of the Season came down to Rupert vs. Russell? Russell won $100,000. DAMN YOU, AMERICA! For picking both of them, but especially Russell.

Parvati, you are my player of the season.

Jeff said after three seasons it all came together for Jerri. She’s wearing too much makeup. The first time she played they hated her, she said, and this time they liked her too much to keep her around.

Jeff said Danielle was in it till the end, then had a breakdown during Tribal Council. She said she’s human and she has emotions. She proved at the end that she’s not a villain. Looking back it kills her because if she’d kept it together she’d be there in the end. “Russell, damn you,” she joked.

Courtney always seems to be having fun, Jeff said. She wanted to have fun and she did.

Randy never seemed to be having any fun. He said he didn’t.

Jeff asked Sugar if it’s still an enjoyable experience after three days. She said she didn’t like the rain and she had a lousy alliance.

Here's the Survivor winner prototype. I am not this guy. Are you?

Candice postponed her wedding to do this show. She got married May 1. (Sorry, man.)

Twice as many single people win as married. Average age 32. Oh my god, I should play this game! But I don’t look like their winner guy. Jeff: “If you know this guy, or if you are this guy, come onto Survivor ’cause you could win.”

For the 21st season they are going to Nicaragua, a land of impenetrable terrain, volcanoes and wildlife. Christopher Columbus discovered its shores 500 years ago, etc.

A brand new set of survivors and “something that may surprise them all.” This fall the adventure continues on “Survivor: Nicaragua.”

Sandra, Parvati and Russell will be on the Early Show tomorrow morning and that’s when Sandra will get her check for $1 million.

I miss this season already! But I do wish Jeff had asked the cast about whether being labaled a Hero or Villain was an asset/liability. And if not having seen Russell’s season helped or hurt him.


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