Krista won — and deserved to — but what was so ugly-pretty about this photo? Meh.

By Gina Carbone

Raina, you're still a gorgeous courtesan.

Way before the final four, never mind the final two, it was obvious Krista White should and would win “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 14.

She was one of the early favorites and stayed on top — even though, at 25, the store manager from Pine Bluff, Arkansas is the oldest woman to win “Top Model.”

I love Raina Hein and her “wolf” eyes, but “the new Brooke Shields” never had the pure model look of “the new Naomi Sims.”

Why is Krista giving bitch face here?

Krista has the fierce bone structure of a high fashion model.

Tall. Skinny. A collarbone that “fascinates” Tyra Banks. Cheekbones that could cut a steak.

I’m not sure why the judges loved her ugly-pretty photo in Queenstown, New Zealand so much.

I’m not a big Alexandra Underwood fan, but I thought her pic was the best.

But of the top four — Krista, Raina, Alex, and Angelea Preston — I’m glad it came down to Powerhouse Krista and Disney princess Raina.

But the best part of the cycle 14 finale, to me, was seeing Nicole “Bloody Eyeball” Fox again. Love that girl!

Here are the winners of the first 14 cycles of ANTM:

1. Adrianne Curry

2. Yoanna House

3. Eva Pigford

4. Naima Mora

5. Nicole Linkletter

6. Danielle Evans

7. CariDee English

8. Jaslene Gonzalez

9. Saleisha Stowers

10. Whitney Thompson

11. McKey Sullivan

12. Teyona Anderson

13. Nicole Fox

14. Krista White