These photos are rubbish, but they're the best I could do. By the way, I'm thisclose to a Derek Hough obsession. Derek's head is right behind Kiptyn.

By Gina Carbone

Everyone (OK, not everyone, just us “Bachelor” nerds) has been mentioning that Kiptyn Locke was spotted in the “Dancing with the Stars” audience last night. He was right in front of the “Celebriquarium” and I’m pretty sure Chad Ochocinco slapped him five on the way in after one of the dances.

I just noticed this pic of Kiptyn and Vienna from Week 2 of DWTS. Funny.

As Kiptyn tweeted on Monday, “Just arrived in LA. Excited to attend Dancing With The Stars tonight.” And earlier today, “Great to see you! And what a show. Hope the red-eye flight home was ok. RT @Kiptyn and I had a blast at Dancing With The Stars last night!”

Jake Pavelka, who was also not chosen by Jillian Harris on “The Bachelorette,” danced on this season of DWTS with Chelsie Hightower, who may have a crush on Kiptyn. But the woman sitting next to Kip was not Chelsie.

*Update* Thanks to an e-mail from Penelope Jean, we can reveal the woman to Kiptyn’s right is … Penelope Jean! She’s a CEO / Celebrity Publicist & Booking Agent. She’s also the person Kip was tweeting, above. Check out her Web site.

She represents almost everyone in the Bachelor/Bachelorette universe, plus — randomly! — Coach Ben Wade from “Survivor.” Can The Dragon Slayer be the next “Bachelor”? If Jerri Manthey turns him down, that is.

But who cares about Kiptyn in the DWTS audience when we have yet to see Reid Rosenthal on the show!

Trista Sutter was on the first season of DWTS (and was the first to be eliminated — oops!). “The Bachelor” reject Melissa Rycroft made it to the top 3 on Season 8.

Here's Penelope Jean. Wonder if she represents Reid, too. Reid needs to get out there more.

Vienna Girardi was in the audience every week while Jake danced, occasionally with her “Bachelor” BFF, Miss Gia Allemand.

I’m not sure what Kip was doing in the audience last night unless he has his own ABC show to pimp (will he be on “The Bachelor Pad”?), but I want Reid to show up.

There doesn’t need to be an official reason. I don’t care that Reid lives in Philadelphia and the show shoots in L.A. Throw us a bone! He declined the offer to be the next “Bachelor” but he hasn’t finished paying his dues to the obsessed stalkers fans who helped him meet Miss USA Kristen Dalton.

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