Yes, he kisses his grandmother with that mouth! She's getting more action at 88 than the rest of us. God love her, she's my hero.

By Gina Carbone

Betty White just mopped the floor with Gabourey Sidibe, Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Lopez, Ashton Kutcher, January Jones and pretty much every other host from “Saturday Night Live” season 35 … except maybe Jon Hamm.

(Watch all of Betty’s skits here at the official SNL video link.)

Not to mention Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon & Rachel Dratch, who just stopped by moral support on Mother’s Day.

Betty showed she is not afraid to touch the hot-button issues. Like old, dry muffins.

Ana, Maya and Molly seemed to get the most mileage out of the show.

Tina had a cameo in the Little Women-esque “Gingey” skit and came back for “Really!?! With Seth, Amy and Tina” during Weekend Update, and got her main camera time at the end of the show for the wonderfully odd Census skit, owned by Betty.

Betty was in almost every skit (including a cameo in the Weekend Update), unlike some hosts who are in less than half the show. Betty also stood alone for a kick-ass monologue, unlike some hosts who have to rely on cast members to stand up in the audience and help them out.

Betty handled herself incredibly well and is apparently not at all afraid of crass humor and ethnic jokes. I’ve never heard so much “muffin” double entendre in my life, never mind the constant “She’s a lesbian” repetitions in the Gingey skit.

And the 88-year-old has quite the foul mouth, from “ass” to the bleeped out “Are you out of your f–king mind?” in MacGruber to “Happy Mother’s Day, Mother F–kers!” in “The Golden Girls” goes S&M Digital Short where everyone sang “Thank you for being a friend…” until Betty launched her hardcore version.

Kenan and Betty scared them straight.

She even wore a wig and danced in the … hell, I can’t remember the name of the talk show where Fred Armisen has everyone dance, but Betty danced and Bill Hader once again made me laugh out loud.

Funny, the show’s cold opening started with Fred Armisen as well, but NOT Obama, for a change. Instead, he was the other show host whose name I can’t remember, the one with Kristen Wiig with a huge forehead and tiny hands.

Betty played Kenan Thompson’s grandmother in the latest Scared Straight skit and played MacGruber’s (Will Forte) nana in the multiple MacGruber skits to plug the upcoming movie. I WISH TO GOD they would include her in the movie. The movie will be a fail without her.

Nana kept telling embarrassing stories about MacGruber, like how he had breast reduction surgery and was nicknamed Poocasso for drawing with his wee wee. They fought and ultimately got close enough that he proposed to her and she accepted (in front of a horrified Vicki St. Elmo, played by Kristen Wiig). They almost kissed before the place blew up. Again.

Dancing queen.

I love that SNL didn’t treat Betty like a china doll. They knew we wanted to see her — she even thanked and mocked the Facebook campaign during her monologue —and put her to work with lots of dialogue and movement, even though Bobby Moynihan had to help her get up off the sofa during that dance skit. Hell, I’d need help getting up from that sofa, too.

By the way, Seth Meyers needs help at that Weekend Update desk. Seeing Amy and Tina again reminded me it’s been too long since he convinced himself he’s good enough to do it alone.

Thank you (for being a friend?), SNL, for not only getting Betty to host, giving her hard R-material and having Jay-Z as her musical guest (where he dedicated “Young Forever” to “the most incredible Betty White“), but also for honoring so many SNL comediennes on the Mother’s Day ep. It was nice to see more women than men up there — especially when most of the women were from past seasons.

Thank you for being a friend! "Happy Mother's Day, Mother F--kers!"

OK, so the writing still isn’t up to the standard of the heydey, but this is a good sign for sweeps month.

Other good news: Alec Baldwin is hosting next week. Love it!


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