Whoever is coming up with these posters should be writing most of the season 3 episodes. I'm guessing it's not Alan Ball. No offense, man.

By Gina Carbone

I haven’t been commenting on all of the myriad “stuff” HBO has been generous to provide us before “True Blood” season 3 begins on June 13.

But I had to post this particular poster. Because it is god. I also love the “Rehydrate” ad in my Entertainment Weekly. Thank you for these things.

Can we award this “True Blood” marketing campaign with something? Anything? Just to let them know how much the teasers, minisodes, posters and other “stuff”is appreciated? And to maybe entice other shows (*cough*Mad Men*cough*your show is already about marketing*cough*) to do the same thing?

Of course, this is only so wonderful if season 3 lives up to season 2’s high standard (except for the maenad overload).

I worry. Especially after hearing more from Alexander Skarsgard in this Access Hollywood video. Yes, it’s wonderful news that he will be naked in the first episode. Thank you for that. But he also talked about how there are 17 characters on the show this season with 5 storylines going on simultaneously.


This is one of the things I asked you not to do in my “10 things True Blood needs to get right in season 3” story last year.

Fingers crossed that this is all worth it.

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