It was that O face. It swallowed up all the votes just when we were trying to vote for you.

By Gina Carbone

That guy from “The Bachelor” was denied a final rose from the judges + viewers tonight, making him the fifth person removed from “Dancing with the Stars” Season 10.

Jakey-poo gave his A game O face during his trippy Samba last night. He dressed his partner Chelsie Hightower like an ugly jungle tranny and he (once again) tripped by the stairs. Also, Vienna Girardi gave classic bitch face from the audience. All in all, not his best night.

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See ya, Jake! You’ll have to find Vienna a new way of getting camera time. You know that’s why Jake’s “beautiful fiancee” looked extra pissed tonight. Not because Jake told Chelsie “I love you.”