Anthony is out. Emilio is in. And since he won his fourth challenge in a row (sort of, they liked his Big Top look best) — five total — he is considered the frontrunner.

By Gina Carbone

OK, so Emilio Sosa was not eliminated before reaching the finals on “Project Runway” season 7. Not sure why he would’ve been, but that was one of the (wrong!) spoilers out there.

The judges were unanimous (including guest Cynthia Rowley) that his circus design was the best on “The Big, Top Designers.”

He didn’t officially win, it seemed, but you could count this four wins in a row. Five total.

So his ego is now officially out of control.

The final four going to Fashion Week:

Emilio Sosa
Seth Aaron Henderson
Mila Hermanovski
Jay Nicolas Sario

Jay and Mila don't get along. Why? Is it because their models don't get along? Brandeis seems like a brat.

I like Mila. Why is she considered some kind of bad guy?

Not going to the finals: Anthony Williams, who returned to the show last week when Maya Luz quit. (Whatever you want to call it Maya, you quit.)

But Jay and Mila have to do that thing where they both make collections and only one of them will get to Bryant Park.

Then again, 10 designers showed at Bryant Park this year, so getting to Bryant Park has lost its special flavor.

I am rooting hard for Seth Aaron. And not just because Emilio has a big ego and is disrespectful to Tim Gunn. Seth’s designs are consistently my favorites.

*Spoiler* Check out the 10 fashion week collections here.