By Gina Carbone

Earlier today we were treated to intel on Alexander Skarsgard on the cover of the May issue of Details. Details on that here.

This is on top of weekly “True Blood” season 3 teaser videos and posters here on

And now we get to see 13 new photos from the upcoming season.

I’m posting some of my favorites below. Check them all out here.

Sookie + Eric = True Blood Season 3. Please? Make sure to keep the focus on them.

Denis O'Hare is on a horse! Does he smell like Old Space or a lady? He plays Russell Edgington.

James Frain! So glad to see him find a home after "The Tudors" (and everything else). He plays Franklin Mott.

Love, love, love Pam. More of her this season, please.

Pam & Jessica. Love Kristin Bauer and Deborah Ann Woll.

More Eric is always good, but can we talk about the hair? I know it's because Alex was in "Straw Dogs," but can't they give him some ... help or something? I'm worried.