Don't let JT win again. Russell the Evil Oompa Loompa may be the villain of the Villains, but JT is the villain of the Heroes.

By Gina Carbone

It’s never too early to make a finale prediction. Never.

I routinely make predictions on who will or should win a reality show before it has even begun.

I picked “The Toothless Texan” as my favorite “Survivor: Samoa” contestant just based on the photos and bios released before the first episode.

I was close.

And now I want Russell Hantz GONE from “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” My tribe of one has spoken!

It’s tough to make a decent call on  a show that just started, like “Dancing with the Stars.”

(SIDENOTE: Read a ton of my DWTS stuff at this fun site. I write just about DWTS there. I’ll be working on a separate site for “The Bachelorette” soon. Huzzah!)

And it’s even tougher for me to make a call on a show like “America’s Next Top Model,” when I forgot to watch for the past two weeks.

(I get busy, you know. Sort of…)

But hell with it. I’m jumping in anyway.

Here are my predictions. Click on the title of each show for an archive of recaps/other stories.



Nicole & Derek rule. And not necessarily in that order.

Erin & Maks are flirty tabloid darlings. And they're hot. And they're decent dancers. They could win.

WHO SHOULD WIN: I can already hear people giving Nicole Scherzinger the Mya treatment — “She’s too much of a pro!” “She has too much experience!” “She has an unfair advantage!” Stuff it. Booty shaking on stage and in music videos is not the same as dancing an elegant foxtrot or a funky new jive. If anything, the Pussycat’s “unfair advantage” is having such an innovative choreographer for a partner. That’d be Derek Hough. They are exciting to watch, although they should pace themselves. The public loves a “transformation” and if she’s already so strong there’s nothing to work toward.

WHO WILL WIN: Erin Andrews. Yes, there’s the sympathy vote for the peeping tom thing and now the death threats. Plus, she and Maks have that adorable chemistry. She’s pretty. She’s funny. She’s a good, if not great, dancer and she will probably just get better. Just don’t let Evan Lysacek win. I have nothing against him personally, but I am SO SICK OF THE DAMN OLYMPIANS taking all the mirror balls. Go shine your medals and leave this one to the real amateurs.



WHO SHOULD WIN: Speaking of America loves a transformation, here’s hoping Colby Donaldson continues his “Redemption, baby!” streak with the Heroes. If Superman gets out of that girdle and starts winning individual immunity after the merge, he could draw new followers and make it to the end. I’d love to see Colby and Jerri finale. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

I demand a Colby/Jerri reunion. Please?

Jerri, you know you want to go all the way with Colby.

WHO WILL WIN: I seriously don’t think it will be Evil Russell. His game, once again, is too big. Boston Rob was right — there’s cocky and there’s arrogant and Russell is straight-up arrogant. Instead, I think one of the women will win again. Possibly Amanda Kimmel, if the Heroes pull a Foa Foa from “Samoa” and break apart the now rudderless and Rob-less Villains. Amanda has connections on both Heroes and Villains camps and she’s never won before. She’s come close enough that she’s a threat, but not as much of a threat as people who’ve won before.



WHO SHOULD WIN: Look, I just started watching this show so I have no idea what I’m talking about. Having said that, I never do. Having said that, cowboys Jet & Cord should win. They are entertaining. However, since that is unlikely, I pick father/daughter pair Steve & Allie as a second choice. I love their relationship.

WHO WILL WIN: Either Steve & Allie or the detectives, Louie & Michael. Good news: Both teams are cool. As long as obnoxious Brent & Caite and whiny Carol & Brandy don’t win, all is good.

*Update*: Steve & Allie were eliminated within an hour of me posting this. Did I curse them? Oops. Bye guys!



Is Seth Aaron on the accessory wall? Should we use him thoughtfully?

WHO SHOULD WIN: Seth Aaron Henderson. He’s an upgrade from season three winner Jeffrey Sebelia. He’s edgy, exciting, meticulous at tailoring and consistent. His stuff is fun and different while always saying “Seth Aaron.” Now that Maya Luz is out of the picture his path is even more open.

WHO WILL WIN: Seth Aaron … or Jay Nicolas Sario. PLEASE don’t let it be Jay. His stuff is hit-or-miss with an emphasis on miss.



WHO SHOULD WIN: I haven’t seen this show since the first episode when I said I wanted Ren Vokes to win. Well, she’s gone. So is Simone Lewis, another one of my early faves. So I am going with either Raina Hein or Krista White.

Alasia vamps it up.

WHO WILL WIN: Considering how many people LOVE Alasia Ballard, I have to imagine she’s the frontrunner. She did not give a good showing on the first episode, but apparently while I was away, she rallied. Her vampire photo won on “America’s Next Top Vampire” which I REALLY wish I had seen. I’m a serious fangbanger. She also won the previous challenge. So I believe the producers are in Alasia’s corner as well.



WHO SHOULD WIN: Alex Lambert. I’m still bitter that he was not allowed to return. Now that he’s gone, I don’t really care too much. Didi is gone, too. So I guess it’s Siobhan Magnus for me. Adam Lambert lite.

Yeah, she's good. But if she has no real competition, where's the drama?

WHO WILL WIN: Crystal Bowersox. She is the only “star” of the season. Then again, we saw how the “star” situation worked last season. Will people learn? Or will — ha ha — Tim Urban win “American Idol” season 9? I’d die laughing. Tee hee.