Are you leaving or what?

By Gina Carbone

OK, so the “Project Runway” plot has thickened … but can they make it work?

Our friends at Blogging Project Runway posted a “No More Mystery” story on Friday, March 26.

They linked to a video (I’ll give you the YouTube version) and wrote:

“So this is what happened to Maya? Lifetime pretty much gives up the ghost to the question we’ve been asking ever since the fashion week finale filming. But they have added yet another riddle. Who is coming back?

This is getting juicy.”

In the 30-second teaser video we’re told there are only four episodes left … and “for the first time in Runway history one designer will walk away.”

Tim Gunn said “I’m as stunned as you all are.”

We see Jonathan Peters say “all of our little worlds have just been turned upside down.”

And one of “these former designers” — flash to Ping Wu (!), Jesse LeNoir and Anthony Williams — will return to shake up the entire competition.

Cut to Emilio Sosa telling the camera, “You’re kidding me.”

Well, it could be Maya Luz that walks away. That would explain why she was the one designer from the top 11 not to show at Bryant Park.

But, she was in the audience at Bryant Park. So if she left on bad terms, what was she doing there?

If she was kicked off, it wouldn’t be the first time. Remember when Keith Michael was disqualified from season three for having pattern-making books (and disappearing)?

And if Maya — or anyone — left on good terms, or for health reasons, it also wouldn’t be the first time.

Remember how Jack Mackenroth withdrew from season four after developing a staph infection and was replaced by previously ousted contestant Chris March — who just made headlines for designing Meryl Streep’s beautiful Oscar dress?

So what is really going on?

And who comes back?

Since Anthony was the most recent departure, it makes sense for it to be him. (Why the eff would they bring PING back?)

But I wish Amy Sarabi would return. She was a risk-taker and that’s what the show needs, instead of more-of-the-same stuff, week after week.

Even Tim Gunn acknowledged “the show needs to trail blaze again, and I’m committed to doing that.”

Oh, and Amy’s season seven fashion week collection was one of the best.

Still rooting for Seth Aaron Henderson to win, though. And not just because he’s hot!