Aww. Look at Ali with her sneakers. She's ready to go "On the Wings of Love"! No wait, she's ready to say "In your face, Facebook!" Or "I'm The Ice Queen, Beyatch!" Or something yet to be determined.

By Gina Carbone

You know, I’ve been to Iceland.

It’s true. The airport in Reykjavík. It counts! And it’s like a classy ski lodge.

But from what Reality Steve is saying, Ali Fedotowsky and at least a few of her 25 men are going to see a little more of Iceland than I did.

(Lucky b*tch. She gets to be The Ice Queen. At least she doesn’t get Reid Rosenthal, too!)

Here is Steve’s post from March 22 (OK, so I’m late. I’ve been busy stewing over how much I hate Russell Hantz):


“Bachelorette” News

We’re still two months away from the “Bachelorette” beginning, yet even in the “offseason”, I’m shocked I’m getting information flowing in already. Even though it’s early and they’re only 10 days into filming, here’s all I know so far:

• Filming started two weekends ago at the mansion in California with 25 guys

•For the first time in what seems like forever, the overnight dates will not be somewhere tropical. Ali will be in Iceland for her overnight dates.

•There is a group date this Wednesday in NYC at the Museum of Natural History


Are these the asses of Ali's men in New York? I got this from Fans of Reality TV.

That was from Steve. I’m THRILLED he’s going to keep getting — and giving — insider spoilers.

But the “this Wednesday” was March 24, so … we missed it.

Oh well. I grew up in Ali’s home state of Massachusetts and I’ve managed to never meet her, so don’t let anyone tell you it’s a small world.

Still, if you have an epic amount of time on your hands and really want to track Ali’s “journey,” visit Fans of Reality TV’s Bachelorette 6 Ali Fedotowsky ***sleuthing**** thread.”

Or check out New York photos here at the screencraps thread.

But when we do meet Ali’s bachelors (hopefully not Ali’s a-holes) on May 24, keep an eye out for some guy named “Chris.”

Zap2it ran across a blog that posted info about someone who has connected with Ali:

“According to a blog by Lindsay Bridges, a friend of Lindsay and her husband Mike has left to begin filming ‘The Bachelorette.’

“Bridges wrote on March 3: ‘We actually know one of the guys that will be on the show contending for Ali’s love!! His name is Chris and he grew up with my hubby!! He is leaving March 9th to start filming.'”

I’m guessing they don’t mean Chris Harrison, although Rozlyn Papa did say he was a flirt, so who knows.

Anyway, mark your “Bachelorette” timelines with the week of March 7-13 as the start of Ali’s “journey.”

And catch up on “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” stuff in my little archive.