Who sent us? You did! This attention is your own fault, man.

By Gina Carbone

This is a good sign:

Not only is HBO planning to release “True Blood” season three video teasers every week for six weeks, the first one focused on Alexander Skarsgard and ended with the words “Waiting Sucks.”

Thank you for noticing!

Yep, I'll be watching.

So they know we are obsessed with fond of Eric the Viking Vampire.

As HBO just released today in a press release:

“Beginning today, Monday, March 22, embeddable tease videos for the third season of the hit HBO series TRUE BLOOD will be available on HBO.com at www.hbo.com/trueblood.  The 15- to 20-second promotional spots will air on the network each Sunday, with online distribution the following Monday, for six consecutive weeks.

The first of the tease videos is now available at http://hbo.com/true-blood/cast-and-crew/eric-northman/video/in-production-eric.html/.”

Read a tiny bit more about it here, if you care to.

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