I. Love. Seth Aaron.

By Gina Carbone

That hat! Reminded me of The Peculiar Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak from “Strawberry Shortcake.” But better.

Seth Aaron Henderson. Not only is he my official “Project Runway” season seven crush, he is the frontrunner to win.

The Peculiar Purple Pie Man!

How can he not be?

He is the most consistent, innovative, interesting and exciting designer, while always creating clothing that says “Seth Aaron.”

(I know Emilio Sosa made that Harlem evening dress, but the zipper screamed Seth Aaron. Did he add that detail?)

Seth Aaron’s point of view is the most clear, closely followed by Mila. But for Mila it’s almost becoming too one-note. With Seth Aaron it’s more like an artist painting with a larger canvas.

He’s a Jeffrey Sebelia upgrade, and if Jeffrey was good enough to win season three (not sure he was), Seth Aaron should be a lock for season seven.

Seth Aaron's Harlem day look with THAT HAT! I want that hat.

On episode nine, “Takin’ It To The Streets,” the eight remaining designers had to pair up to design day and evening looks based on four New York neighborhoods.

Anthony Williams was pulled from the hat as the first team leader and chose to work with Maya Luz. They got Chinatown, which would’ve been my first choice.

Amy Sarabi chose Jonathan Peters and they got the Upper East Side. (Think Laura Bennett from season three.)

Emilio picked Seth Aaron and they chose Harlem. They were such a perfect design team I think they should be forced to work together forever.

Jay Nicolas Sario ended up with Mila Hermanovski and apparently that’s a horrible fate. Emilio cackled like a villain (The Peculiar Purple Pie Man?) because it was his mastermind to have Jay and Mila end up together.

Emilio's evening look. Not as good as Seth's "overworked" day look. (Nina, you know you love him!)

Emilio doesn’t like Mila either. What are we missing? She seems OK and she’s a great designer.

Anyway, they got the East Village.

Turns out, her half of the look — which looked very Mila — was the stronger half.

Jay ended up in the bottom two, thanks to an ill-fitting tank top (the tank top tanked, as he quipped to guest judge Molly Sims) and poofy pants he was very proud of.

They did not sell each other out on the runway, so it was much ado about no drama.

(By the way, where was Michael Kors? Francisco Costa had to sit in for him. No like.)

The bottom two pairs were Jay/Mila and Amy/Jonathan.

The judges thought there was too much going on with Jonathan’s evening look, but they liked it more than Amy’s day look, which they thought was unflattering and a horrible color.

I couldn’t believe it when the elimination came down to Jay and Amy — two frontrunners who put on two of the stronger collections during the fashion week extravaganza where 10 looks went down the runway.

(I’m still confused as to why Maya was not involved in that fashion show. Anyone have an answer?)

Anyway, Amy started out one of my favorite designers and now she is gone.

Emilio and Seth Aaron BOTH won the challenge, which made “Project Runway” history. Huzzah.

Here are the remaining designers, in order of my preference:

  1. Seth Aaron Henderson, 38
  2. Emilio Sosa, 43
  3. Mila Hermanovski, 40
  4. Maya Luz, 22
  5. Jay Nicolas Sario, 31
  6. Jonathan Peters, 29
  7. Anthony Williams, 28

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