JT Thomas is upset about the "Survivor" schedule change. Me too, 'bama!

By Gina Carbone

I like basketball more than most American sports, including football and baseball.

Having said that, I hate it.

I'm screwed without Tom, aren't I.

Especially tonight when something called “College Basketball NCAA Tournament, First Round” has displaced my usual 8 p.m. Colby Donaldson/JT Thomas fix, aka “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

As Jeff Probst helpfully tweeted: “No Survivor this week. Next week it’s on Wednesday, then back to our regular Thursday. But next week is great!”

Yes, college basketball is monopolizing next Thursday, too. (The flipping brat.)

So train your DVR or whatnot to tape at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 24.

The episode will be called “Banana Etiquette” and will include a double elimination!

Read more here:

“The castaways learn that two people will be sent home in a rare double elimination; one contestant surprises everyone and risks it all at the tribal council.”

OK, so that wasn’t much more.

I think the one contestant surprising everyone and risking it all is … actually, I don’t know.

It can’t be Russell Hantz because he has the immunity idol and it’s not exactly hidden. Boston Rob and his fellow Villians know about it and want to get rid of Russell.

All except for Parvati Shallow and Coach Ben Wade, who made me lose my lunch last week when he actually BOWED before Russell and pledged his loyalty.

My God the ego boost that must’ve given the evil Oompa Loompa. Never feed the troll.

(By the way, I didn’t write a recap of the “Knights of the Round Table” episode last week because I was on vacation in Wilmington, N.C. Beautiful city. You been?)

In the world of Russell vs. Rob I am solidly pro Rob.

Having said that, I don’t want Rob to win. I want … Colby to win?

He never will. Never. But it would make me happy. I expect to be sad.

Tom, you were too sane and competent for the Heroes anyway.

Because the Heroes are that team of monkeys in the Career Builder ads.

They will just eat each other alive until the merge, where JT will hook up with the girls who worship him — Courtney, Coach, Tyson, maybe even Parvati — and Colby will be gone.

If he even makes it that far.

You know, I really like Jerri.

Why is Rupert still there, by the way, never mind James?

Both injured men should be gone by now. Way before Tom.

Then again, Tom is/was likable and that cannot be said of James anymore.

Rupert either, to my mind. I don’t think he meant to smash Jerri Manthey’s head into the wall during the chocolate reward challenge, but he didn’t handle the aftermath well.

Anyway, “Banana etiquette.” What’s that about? I wish I could find out tonight.

Colby, I miss you already. Stay strong, brother.

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