Ctrl-Alt-Delete this situation and replace Tim Urban with Mullet Boy Alex Lambert.

By Gina Carbone

I can’t stand Vote for the Worst and refuse to link to them, but I had to smile when I saw Tim Urban slide into the top 11 on “American Idol.”

VFTW should be running political elections. Or are they? (Karl Rove, are you a silent partner?)

I admit, I cheated and watched part of the “American Idol” eliminations, even after I boycotted the Tuesday night top 12 songs out of anger at the ousting of my Mullet Boy Alex Lambert.

(For the love of all that is holy, listen to him sing the song he meant to sing last week and then contact FOX here to bring him back. They can do it. Wild Cards happen all the time.)

Tim Urban, Paige Miles and Lacey Brown were the bottom three.

Tim was saved first and that’s when I started shaking my head and smiling. I’m actually glad. It just makes me hate this season more.

Need I remind you, in “Clerks” fashion, that Tim Urban WAS NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

Chris Golightly got embroiled in contract drama and it ended up punishing him for no reason.

And now we can’t get rid of a 20-year-old boy who can’t sing … and he’s not even that good looking. I am a sucker for a pretty face and a six-pack and I’m just not seeing it.

Bye Lacey.

Not that I’m surprised Lacey is gone, especially after enduring the torture of her attempt to sing for her life. Why can’t we hear the best performances twice, instead of the worst?

It was painful and Simon Cowell kept it short and sweet to say the judges were unanimous in not using their single save of the season to keep her.

I think they would only use the save for Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche or Siobhan Magnus.

There is no one else worth saving, and yes I include one of my favorites, Didi Benami. I believe if she is in the bottom they will let her go. Hey, if they are going to let Lilly Scott go, they are going to let everyone go except their favorites — Crystal and Michael.

(I include Siobhan because I believe Mullet Boy’s fans have transferred their loyalty to The Female Adam Lambert and the “Idol” judges wouldn’t dare piss us off twice.)

Paige Miles will probably be next. They should’ve just fast-forwarded and dumped two people this week.

I really think no matter what he does next week Tim Urban will be in the season nine top 10 and find his way to a city near you on the summer tour.

Unless “Idol” wises up and pulls a Chris Golightly — pull Tim Urban and replace him with Alex Lambert.

Stranger — and worse — things have already happened.

(Sidenote: David Cook is still the hottest “Idol” on record and I’m feeling very Who Is Aaron Kelly about Ke$ha. Why do I have to know who she is? I wish Idol had just given her time and Orianthi’s time to my Cookie Monster. After singing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” Cookie should’ve performed “Under My Thumb” for Tim Urban, so he could hear what he should’ve done.)