I love this Cinderella dress! Amanda Seyfried looks good from here ... even if she and Jennifer Lopez appear to have somewhat similar styles tonight.

By Gina Carbone

So far the 82nd annual Academy Awards is looking pretty good.

And very white. (Or off-white. Or just pale. Sometimes it’s hard to get the exact colors from the computer.)

The top acting awards seem fairly set-in-stone going in (bank on Christoph Waltz, Mo’Nique, Jeff Bridges and … probably Sandra Bullock), but the fashion aspect was always up in the air.

Speaking of “Up in the Air,” I loved Anna Kendrick’s pink dress, although I wasn’t overly fond of her performance in the film. On the other hand, I loved Vera Farmiga in the film but wasn’t in love with her ruffly hot pink or whatever outfit.

So here are my best and worst so far on the red carpet.


OK, so Jennifer Lopez's dress is much more ambitious and sophisticated than Amanda Seyfried's, but I like both. This fits J.Lo's personality better. She's got more edge to her. Nice classy color, though. A win. Is it pale pink?


Love this on Carey Mulligan. The earrings are a bit much, but oh well.

Sweet pink dress from Anna Kendrick of Portland, Maine. (And best supporting actress nominee for "Up in the Air")

Kathryn Bigelow! Love love love. Love her. Love the dress. Perfect.

Wow. Meryl Streep doesn't normally look good, but she looks great here. Chris March made this dress? He of the flamboyant drag queen outfits on "Project Runway"? Fabulous! Fierce, actually.

They clash in this shot, but Penelope Cruz and Sigourney Weaver both looked gorgeous. Nice to see some color from both.

Rachel McAdams -- wow. I love everything about this.

Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer. It's not fair. She's too gorgeous.

Wow, Kristen Stewart looks great. Poised. Classy. I'm surprised, actually.

I keep hoping to wake up someday and suddenly look like Kate Winslet.

Cameron Diaz almost always knows what to wear.

Sam Worthington is so dang hot. And I like that he has been with his girlfriend Natalie Mark for what seems like a long time, considering he's the It Boy of 2009/2010.

Jeremy Renner of "The Hurt Locker" looks excited to be there. I'm adding this one for my friend Lisa, who is in love with him.



Not sure. Sandra Bullock is looking a little too I-wanna-be-Nicole-Kidman here. And yet she does look sleek.

And here's another one I'm not sure about. Demi Moore looks like a scaled-down version of Penelope Cruz when she wore that Versace dress.

George Clooney's new hairstyle. Discuss.



Sarah Jessica Parker. This is how a fashion icon dresses? Ouch.

Charlize Theron and her ... uh ... boob buttons are not doing it for me.

How is it that someone as gorgeous as Zoe Saldana has such trouble with gowns?

Tina Fey, aka cavewoman.

Diane Kruger. This dress is distractingly bad.

I kind of like Susan Downey's dress, but what is Robert Downey Jr. doing with those shoes and sunglasses and that goofy bow tie?

I love you, Vera Farmiga, but I don't love this dress. At all. It's eating you alive. I don't even see you. I see The Ruffles. And they have ridges.