If you run into Jake and Vienna on the street, sing "On the Wings of Love" to them. They'll love it. Just love it.

By Gina Carbone

Chris Harrison sat down with Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi during “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love: After the Final Rose.”

It was Jake and Vienna’s first public outing as a couple.

They are looking forward to the usual things couples do — walking around in public, going out to dinner, defying logic…

Chris said they got engaged on the show, then had to go back to real life as the show played out on air.

Here's the rock ABC bought Vienna. Do they have to return the rings if/when the relationship sours?

He asked how it’s been, since the tabloids and even some of the fans (Hi!) were not very kind to Vienna.

Vienna: “It’s been extremely difficult for me.”

The tabloids have been coming out with “fabricated stories” from people she hasn’t spoken with since junior high. If they spoke to her best friends they’d see a different side.

Vienna: “America is seeing this image of me and it’s not me.”

What Jake has seen so far from the tabloids is nowhere near the truth.

Jake: “They’re painting a picture of her … that she has no values and is a really miserable person. And none of that is true.”

Chris Harrison said he knows them well enough that he knows they know it’s all ridiculous.

He’s even read reports that they are broken up.

Vienna: “And I have a secret boyfriend that’s so secret I don’t know about him.”

Vienna is moving to Jake’s hometown, Dallas, “immediately,” they said.

But Jake is “immediately” going on “Dancing with the Stars” season 10.

The show starts March 22. And it’s filmed in L.A. So…?

They don’t have a wedding date yet.

But ABC is already giving them an engagement honeymoon by giving them a trip back to St. Lucia.


Jeffrey Osborne showed up to play “On the Wings of Love” for Jake and Vienna.

He’s been waiting years for this, I’m sure.

He’s probably gotten more money in the last two months than the past 10 years.

Vienna is busting up laughing as they dance on stage to the song. I think she can’t help it. It is ridiculous and cheesy. At least she can see that. Tenley wouldn’t even recognize the humor of it.

Jake had to kiss her to shut up her laughter.

Thank you, Jeffrey, but it’s officially time to never hear that song again.