We all do.

By Gina Carbone

The best part of Jennifer Lopez’s gig as the Feb. 27 host of “Saturday Night Live” was the brief shot of a “We Love Betty White Flag” in the SNL Digital Short “Flags of the World.”

According to this, Betty may well be getting the SNL gig her 470,000+ fans have been pushing for on Facebook:

“Betty White might be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ very soon! Sources told Entertainment Weekly that the show might invite the TV legend to host the show for the very first time. But White would not be hosting alone. Instead, ‘SNL’ is putting together a ‘Women of Comedy’ episode that would team Rose Nylund’s alter ego with several of her younger contemporaries. Former ‘SNL’ stars Molly Shannon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are some of those rumored to appear on the episode. An NBC spokesperson did not confirm any casting choices.”

I want Betty solo, not sharing screen time with a bunch of other co-hosts, but I’ll take what I can get.

Back to this episode…

Jennifer Lopez no longer has an assistant to carry her orange juice.

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Jennifer Lopez, parting ways from her label and seeing her new film “The Back Up Plan” pushed back again, but she pulled it together on Saturday.

(And she got to plug both her film and her music, which was the whole point.)

Her not-exactly groundbreaking skits were geared toward her strengths — which apparently involve doing heavy accents for Telemundo and the telenovela soap “Besos Y Lagrimas.”

(Aka “Kisses and Tears.” I loved the theme music.)

Her singing? Let’s just say she sounded confident in her songs and her band, but you won’t see me heading to iTunes for anything.

The real show was the ensemble show around J.Lo — a nice cold opening poking fun at the awful but well-meaning follow up to “We Are the World” (with Lopez doing a good Rihanna impression); a suitably perverse return to ESPN Sports with my boys Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte talking about more vaginal products; a good idea for a skit with Smash Mouth haunting a child’s bedroom (but why the happy ending? that would be a true nightmare); and a fun parody of “Undercover Boss” featuring Fred Armisen as Steve Jobs and Bill Hader (the most consistent go-to guy) as Richard Branson.

There was a lot of repeat business going on last night. In addition to the ESPN sports guys; Kenan Thompson brought back his love guru who slides out on a malfunctioning track while trying to hook up Jennifer Lopez and Jason Sudeikis; there were at least three references to Olympic curling (you find it fascinating, Seth, we get it); and Jenny Slate returned as the custom saleswoman — last time it was doorbells, this time it was car horns. (Many ending in her trademark Whhuuuuuhhhht? or OhmyGahhhh)

Strangely enough, the Closet Organizer guy also returned. I LOVE the Closet Organizer commercial, but if they were going to bring him back I expected some new material. It looked to be the same.

Did they need filler? It did seem like they spent more time than usual showing the band play before heading to commercial, which came off as an attempt to kill time.

And I noticed at the end of the show, J.Lo chatted with her band and back-up singers but didn’t seem to hug or chat with the SNL cast.

Was there drama going on?