Chris Harrison vs. Rozlyn Papa. Bring. It. On.

By Gina Carbone

File this under rrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Perhaps my favorite part of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” will be the ongoing feud between host Chris Harrison and gorgeous ousted bachelorette Rozlyn Papa.

They had their uber-awkward confrontation on the show, where he accused her of having inappropriate relations with a staffer and … she didn’t really deny it.

But that was on air, with ABC in control.

Behind the scenes, Rozlyn has consistently said there was no relationship and that the entire exchange was edited for her to come off as a villain.

Well, tomorrow night is “The Women Tell All” special (*Update: Actually, it just aired. Read a full recap here*) and, as expected, Rozlyn is returning. And, as expected, she and Chris are arguing over how she is being portrayed.

As Rozlyn told RadarOnline, “It was very weird, they had me secluded. They’re trying to villainize me, they’re doing their best. … They had me in a different part of the building; they had me in a part where I had no access to anyone else. They had the girls out there for several hours before they brought me out.”

“I think they want me to be portrayed a certain way,” she continued, “and if I had seen the other girls ahead of time we would have talked about it and I could have told them the truth, and they would have heard my side and then no one would have said anything nasty about it…”

The former producer she allegedly had a relationship with, Ryan Callahan, was married to a woman named Stephanie.

And not only does Rozlyn say she did not have a sexual relationship with that man, Mr. Callahan, she accused Chris Harrison of flirting with Ryan’s now ex-wife.

“He did not do well with actual confrontation,” Rozlyn told RadarOnline of her conversation with Chris Harrison on the “Women Tell All” stage. “It wasn’t scripted, he does well with scripted. But he said something like ‘We’re all just really wounded by this because a member of our family, one of our dear friends was fired,’ and I said ‘It’s funny you should say that because I talk to this producer and the fact that you guys are friends is news to him. He didn’t get a really friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!”


For his part, Chris gave an interview to TV Guide to preview the “Women Tell All” special.

Chris said the show will include Ali Fedotowsky talking about her job situation and how Jake Pavelka is “extremely happy, he loves his decision, he likes where he is, and people may not love it, but he’s very happy.”

And, yes, he addressed the Rozlyn Incident.

To quote the story: Will Rozlyn tell her side of the story?
Harrison: Rozlyn is back in full force as only Rozlyn can be. I got some heat and so did the show for being vague and so I went into the show [and] told everyone we’re going to get the truth out. You will hear from the women explosive new details that you have never heard before, because none of them have ever spoken about it until now. There will be 100 percent no question in anyone’s mind, other than Rozlyn’s, of course. She’s the only one confused about it in that relationship. The funny part, not even the guy involved in the relationship is confused. And when I tell you explosive new details, I mean details. Nothing vague about any of this. Time, place, everything — you will hear it all. So after the special airs, there will be no doubt about what happened?
Harrison: It’s not a he-said, she-said thing — everybody knows what happened. It only behooves her to continue this and she’s the only one still talking about this. We are so done with her and her antics and her desperate attempts to get 15 more minutes of fame and that’s what this is about and we don’t care.

Except it sounds like you do care. A lot!