Faith Hill will be the guest judge for the "Project Runway" finale.

By Gina Carbone

I’ve been waiting for a few good “Project Runway” season seven spoilers. This isn’t much, but it’s something.

E! has news that “Project Runway” sent 10 designers to Bryant Park this morning for the finale show, as opposed to the usual three.

Could this be because season six took 500 years to air, thanks to the Bravo/Lifetime lawsuit situation, and now they want to … dunno … stave off the kind of fashion week spoilers that basically gave away the season six ending months in advance?

(Anyone who saw Irina Shabayeva‘s collection and didn’t know it would win is blind.)

The bad news: We’re told nothing that went down the runway rivaled Irina’s collection. I liked Irina, but she’s no Christian Siriano or even Korto Momolu.

**Update: See for yourself here at Blogging Project Runway. They show all 10 “Project Runway” season 7 designers with their 10-piece collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Having seen the collections now myself, I like Amy and Seth Aaron best, with an understanding of what Mila may have been up to. Jay is overrated. No idea how Janeane is still in the competition. I liked one or two of Jesse’s pieces, which surprised me, since I’ve liked not much beyond his face since he got on the show. Jonathan still looks like David Cook.

The surprising news:  There are currently still 11 designers in the competition, so 10 pieces down the runway means someone is missing. That person, who will be going home this coming Thursday, appears to be … Maya Luz, the mini Mila Hermanovski.

(*Update* Except, Maya wasn’t cut on Thursday during the children’s clothing challenge. Janeane was. WTF?)

(*March 28 Update* Will Maya “walk away” from the show this week?)

Based on what they saw on the runway this morning, E! made some guesses as to who will win “Project Runway” this year:

“Our guesses for who made the final? While we can’t be sure, we can tell you that Jonathan, Jeanane, Jesse and Ben probably didn’t make it to the end. Amy, Jay and Mila are probably good bets for the win.”

Click here to read details about each designer on the runway.

Heidi Klum will wear this dress on the cover of a spring issue of Marie Claire ... or so they say.

For the record, I thought Anthony Williams’ blue Marie Claire dress looked like a Leanne Marshall copy.

Ben Chemura had the best dress this week, although Emilio Sosa is still my favorite overall.

Seth Aaron Henderson is still my second. Amy Sarabi is my third.

When did Jay Nicolas Sario become a frontrunner? Big no from me on him, so far.



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