By Gina Carbone

What an awkward little interview.

I’ve never seen Jake Pavelka seem more uncomfortable than his “Extra” interview with Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel in her new TV gig.

(Read a little more about the genesis of her TV gig here.)

Guess comparisons to Vienna Girardi can cease because he did not seem charmed.

Rachel started by talking about Ali Fedotowsky’s great exodus last week from “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.”

Rachel Uchitel: “I was really sad to see her go.”
Jake Pavelka: “You’re not the only one.”

Rachel: “Is Ali coming back?”
Jake: “It’s possible.”

Rachel: “Was she going to be one of the girls that you kept?”
Jake: “Yeah. Ali was going to get a rose that night.”

That’s good to know. So I assume that means he was originally going to ditch Gia Allemand.

Of course no “Bachelor” interview is complete without bringing up Vienna.

In this case, we heard Mario Lopez’s voice-over saying a lot of people thought Vienna should’ve been the one to go home instead of Ali.

Jake: “I think Vienna’s a great girl. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her.”

(But there was editing between the first and second sentences, so don’t take it at face value)

Rachel: “So are you engaged right now?”
Jake: “I can’t answer that question.”

(I take that as a no, since most of the previous Bachelors had been only too happy to gush about their engagements.)

Rachel: “Do you have plans for Valentines Day?”
Jake: “No, actually I don’t.”

Rachel: “So you’re not engaged.”

She tried to do a “Gotcha!” and Jake did an exasperated laugh.

You think someone who felt so maligned by the media after the Tiger Woods (actually that’s not over, so during the Tiger Woods) scandal would not try to play “gotcha.”

Rachel asked if Jake’s family had a favorite of the remaining girls.

Jake: “I think my parents really like Tenley.”

He usually runs things by his parents, he said earlier this week, but Tenley likes a man who makes his own decisions … so what do you make of the idea that he chooses Vienna? Discuss.

At the end of the interview, inexplicably, Jake and Rachel have a five-second salsa dance lesson.