Sergio ... can haunt me anytime. Set me up with that curse.

By Gina Carbone

Jon Hamm is God. He must be. That funny. That charming. That self-deprecating. If only he were easier on the eyes.

I liked his first “Saturday Night Live” appearance last year ā€” Jon Hamm’s john ham! ā€” but this time it was glorious from start to finish.

It was the first time in a long, long time that I enjoyed pretty much the duration of SNL — with the exception of maybe one or two Kristen Wiig moments.


Crazy sexy sax guy.

Favorite skit had to be the SNL Digital Short with Sergio, the “crazy sexy sax guy” who emerges after each cool breeze to haunt Andy Samberg. Sign me up for that kind of curse.

Bonus: Awesome ending.


State of the Union address with Fred Armisen as Obama, my boy Jason Sudeikis (not in this episode enough) as Joe Biden and Kristen Wiig in one of her two appearances this ep as Nancy Pelosi.

Lots of ragging on Martha Coakley for stinking up the Massachusetts Senate race.

Brendan Fraser's laughter lives on.

Best part: The flash of Brendan Fraser’s crazy laughing during the Golden Globes. LOVE that that little clip lives on.


Jon Hamm explains how he got the part of Don Draper on “Mad Men” — by basically playing the cynical hard drinker in all of his past work, including the 1980s show “Late for Class,” QVC and on a Def Comedy Jam special. “They need to wash they ass.”


The Democrats drool over Scott Brown played by, natch, Jon Hamm. Every skit Hamm is in is centered around his looks. I know he’s *dreamy* and all that, but I prefer when he tries to ugly himself up. (Like in the closet organizer “testimonial.”)


Props to musical guest Michael Buble for being open to this skit, which lets Hamm be the bad guy bully forcing Buble to sing about their new restaurant, where chunks of ham rest in glasses of “Buble” (mispronounced as bubbly).


Fred Armisen plays an incompetent stenographer opposite Jon Hamm as a frustrated lawyer. “I can’t find my crackers.” Say it 100 times and it does get funny.


Did you know the book chain opened as a place for homeless people to go to the bathroom?

Greg the alien has learned how to multiply. And he has a tail.

SPORTS SHOW (Greg is not an alien)

I just love Bill Hader’s face. But especially as Greg, whom Kenan Thompson repeatedly insists is not an alien as they co-host their sports show. In this episode, Greg learns how to multiply, turning Hamm and others (including Sudeikis, too briefly) into aliens.


Genius. Second favorite skit after Sergio. Closet organizer commerical. Will Forte is the closet organizer in full-body blue spandex, or whatever, who grabs clothes, phone books, plants, water and other stuff thrown at him — “pies! pies! pies! pies! pies!” — to organize peoples’ closets.

Favorite part: The customer “testimonial” from a deadbeat played by Jon Hamm, who never talks about the product, he just goes on about a hot black woman he met at a club the night before; he told her she looked like Beyonce but when he moved in for the kiss she turned out to have a full man’s mustache. “And I was like, let’s do this thing.”


The closet organizer guy (whose name is Tarkey Kensington or something) returns in a bar scene with Jon Hamm, but it’s mostly wasted time. Having said that, if Jon Hamm ever invites you back to his apartment for anything ā€” YOU SAY YES.