Tenley, Ali and Gia ... will do better than Jake someday.

By Gina Carbone

I’m not sure about these “Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” conference calls.

Michelle Kujawa held one a week or so ago and basically said she didn’t regret anything.

All very bland. Not exactly the Crazy Michelle we’d come to know and (fear) love.

But in this RealityWanted interview, she did weigh in on whom Jake Pavelka should pick at the end:


Q. Based on what you know and what you saw in the house, who do you think is the best match for Jake?

A. Michelle: It’s so early on to tell who would be the best match for him. Tenley… I roomed with her, she’s a sweetheart, she has so much life in her. She’s such a great gal and Ali as well. I did see a very, very strong connection between them that I felt I didn’t have. If I had to say who he ends up with, if he ends up with anybody, it would be Ali, Tenley, or Gia. All the girls are great. If I had to pinpoint one specific girl, it would probably be Ali.

So Michelle is backing Ali. (Sorry, Ali?)

And now single mom Ella Nolan is making the interview rounds, singling out the same three women for Jake, but pinpointing Tenley.

RealityTV World talked to Ella in a conference call and used as its headline the fact that Ella didn’t hate Vienna Girardi, the spoiler favorite to torture Jake for a few months before a “mutual” breakup.


“I liked her myself,” Ella said of Vienna, adding that she “loved” all the bachelorettes and stayed out of the drama.


And yet she did weigh in on some of Jake’s choices, including that she didn’t realize he had also sent Kathryn Sherlock home on that two-on-one date until she watched the episode.

Ella was also surprised to see that Jake sent home both Ashleigh Hunt and Jessie Sulidis — she was expecting Jessie, but not Ashleigh.

She was also expecting Corrie Adamson to be gone by now.

“But I thought he had a great connection with Ashleigh, so to see her go that early over (Corrie Adamson) — I love Corrie to death — but I didn’t think they had a connection that I had saw. So that was a big shock to me.”


Ella thinks Corrie will be the next to go (no big shock, since that’s been in the spoiler cards all along) — leaving Vienna Girardi, Gia Allemand, Tenley Molzahn and Ali Fedotowsky to go on hometown dates.

“I don’t think that Corrie will be getting a hometown date,” said Ella. “I don’t think that they’ve spent enough time together for her to make it to that point. I think that it’s going to be Ali, Tenley, Gia and Vienna.”

Ella said she thinks Gia, Tenley and Ali are the best matches for Jake.

“I could see him with either of those women and it going somewhere,” Ella said. “As far as being able to grow old with one of them, I think that his best bet would probably be with Tenley.”

Ellen DeGeneres supposedly told Ella she should be the next “Bachelorette” but that’s a bad idea for many reasons. I’m still rooting for Ali on that score.

Oh, and Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney are going to be married on ABC on March 8. Past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants will show up. (Melissa Rycroft? DeAnna Pappas? Reid Rosenthal?)

Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter’s 2002 “Bachelorette” wedding on ABC netted more than 17.1 million viewers. Do you think Jason & Molly will top it? Do you care? I really don’t.