Jake offers his thoughts on episodes of "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love."

By Gina Carbone

ABC just issued a press release:

“Beginning today, ABC.com will offer the most recent episode (Episode 1404) of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” with special Expert Commentary from the Bachelor himself, Jake Pavelka. ABC.com’s new Expert Commentary feature allows viewers of the site’s Full Episode Player an opportunity to experience insights from the stars of ABC series and specials, as well as from producers, writers, directors, production and costume designers, music supervisors and network executives, among others.

“Expert Commentary is also available on previous episodes from Jillian Harris, star of the most recent season of “The Bachelorette,” and her fiancé, Ed Swiderski, as well as from the series’ host, Chris Harrison.”


So I checked it out. It means watching the episode all over again — which is a bit too much for me to take since I sat through two hours of it last night — and Jake’s commentary isn’t like a DVD commentary track where you hear his voice.

We see his comments in IM form posted next to the episode as it airs.

So we can read things like “Love that hair of Gia’s!” during his vineyard date with Gia. Followed by “Gia really does have a huge heart” and “Not sure how I feel about the pet pig. Can’t we just get a dog?”

He also offers “Uh, awkward” during Ashleigh’s seduction attempt and “There sure are a lot of candles around us! Glad I didn’t catch on fire!” during his frank talk with Vienna about how she might be bringing trouble on herself.

(But we also have to break for commercials.)

I would prefer Jake’s actual audio commentary track, but I’d also prefer he stop being so gosh darn sweet and detached and give us some behind-the-scenes details.

Tell us what we weren’t seeing — the shooting, the preparation, the things that writers, actors, directors and others always dish about in commentary tracks, giving you insights you couldn’t get with your own eyes, ears and common sense. What were you really feeling during those moments, beyond “uh, awkward”? This is your chance to lay down the law about specific things as they are flashing across the screen.

Chris Harrison is usually pretty good at that on his blog, but this week’s issue was not that exciting. I want more dish!