Big pimpin'

By Gina Carbone

Matt Grant is a total media whore — and God bless him for it!

“The Bachelor: London Calling” star —  and the hottest bachelor in 14 seasons, IMHO — is back with at least one TV project and possibly two.

The first one is completely bizarre and I’m not sure I even believe it’s real.

According to US Weekly, Matty’s new show will be called “Pimp My Bride.”

(It’s) an organic follow-up to the Bachelor,” he told at the Youth Run 4 Haiti event in Santa Monica on Saturday.

“Organic” is one of those insufferable Hollywood “industry” terms for anything they consider real and unforced, so it does not appear to apply to anything associated with “The Bachelor,” least of all something called “Pimp By Bride.”

Needless to say, I’ll watch it.

The show, which Matty wrote after filming the twelfth season of the “Bachelor” in 2008, was picked up by Warner Brothers. But he doesn’t explain it any further.

Instead, he says he’s considering a request to join “Bachelor Pad” and as loyal readers will recall, I wanted him there to begin with.

So I hope he says yes.

Love his reasons for wanting to sign up:

“They’ve asked me to possibly do this ‘Bachelor Pad’ show,” he told Us. “It’s like Big Brother Bachelor with all the Bachelors in a house. I’ve thought about doing it because I’m obviously not famous anymore and it would give me fifteen minutes of fame!”


I think Matt Grant is really in the news again because Jake Pavelka’s rumored “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” winner, Vienna Girardi, is another Shayne Lamas in the making.