Love Seth Aaron's edgy style

By Gina Carbone

Emilio's winning week one look.

Emilio's week two look.

Man it’s good to be back in New York.

“Project Runway” season seven is already 100 times better than “Project Runway” season six, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of hot messes.

I was on a different planet from the judges last season, but I chalked that up to the lack of Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, who returned with New York.

But even now I still don’t agree with the consensus. Can I blame the guest judges, Nicole Richie and Lauren Hutton? Or Heidi Klum?

I’m fine with that, I just don’t want to blame Nina and Michael. I heart them.

Either way, I disagreed with some of their choices during week one, “Back to New York,” and just about everything they did during week two, “The Fashion Farm.”

Jesus' first week look.

Jesus' second week look.

We’re down to 14 designers, but that’s still too many people and two few designs to really pick out who is good and who is lousy.

That said, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Seth Aaron Henderson, Amy Sarabi and Emilio Sosa are my current faves; Jesus Estrada should’ve gone home this week instead of Pamela Ptak; and Ping Wu is still here for her TV value.

Jay Nicolas Sario won the farm challenge this week — where they had to transform a burlap sack — but I feel like I’ve seen his black ruffled skirt look too many times. And his first week look was hideous.

Pamela's losing look -- can't believe she went home for this.

Amy Sarabi, on the other hand, did an OK first week look and her burlap look was GORGEOUS. I was so sure she would win. Instead, the judges preferred both Mila Hermanovski’s metallic look and Jay Nicolas’ thing.

Meanwhile, Ping Wu’s model — who always looks miserable — had her butt hanging out this week and Ping wasn’t even in the bottom two.

Instead, Jesus Estrada — who was in the bottom two last week — got another free pass, even after completely screwing up the burlap challenge and — inexplicably — Pamela Ptak was sent home.

The judges loved Pamela’s dyed denim look but not how it made the model seem like she had a fat butt.

But at least you couldn’t SEE her butt and you could see that there was burlap.

And Pamela’s first week look was pretty, in an average way. Why are Jesus and Ping getting a pass?



Amy Sarabi, 25, Oakland, California

Amy's week one look. Top is just OK, skirt is cool.

Amy's week two look. LOVE THIS! Should've won.

Anna Lynett, 23, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Anthony Williams, 28, Birmingham, Alabama

Ben Chmura, 30, Meriden, Connecticut

Emilio Sosa, 43, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Janeane Marie Ceccanti, 27, Portland, Oregon

Jay Nicolas Sario, 31, Manila, The Philippines

Jesse LeNoir, 25, Painesville, Ohio

Jay Nicolas' week one look. Ugh. Hate.

Jay Nicolas' winning week two look. Amy's design was better.

Jesus Estrada, 21, Mazatlan, Mexico

Jonathan Peters, 29, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Maya Luz, 22, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mila Hermanovski, 40, Dallas, Texas

Ping Wu, 34, Chengdu, China

Seth Aaron Henderson, 38, Vancouver, Washington



Ping's first week look was great. Very Ping.

Ping's ass dress.

Christiane King, 30, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Pamela Ptak, 47, Pittsfield, Massachusetts