Ella is still here. Lucky her! Right?

By Gina Carbone

Simon Cowell, take note: You don’t need a major Las Vegas production to get people interested in online drama.

Case in point: “The Bachelor” show itself is really the second most interesting part of the franchise. Much more interesting nowadays is the wicked Web between episodes.

Today, after reading Chris Harrison’s EW.com blog (did I miss any mention of the Tenley “pregnant” edit?) and Jake Pavelka’s defensive (although I don’t blame him) People.com blog, I tried to visit RealitySteve.com for his take.

I'm usually pro-brunette, but Trista looks better blonde.

In what seems to be fairly routine now, the site was down. So I went to RealitySteve’s Twitter page and discovered he was having a twit feud with Trista Sutter, the first and only successful “Bachelorette.”

Love this. (What can I say. It’s snowing and I’m bored.)

The source of the brief drama appeared to be something I clean forgot about after reading it a while ago — that single mom Ella Nolan, 30, was supposed to be gone this week on “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.”

That was one of RealitySteve’s major spoilers from the start of the season, along with Rozlyn Papa being the one who had an “affair” and Vienna Girardi being the pot of fake gold at the end of Jake’s rainbow.

But it looks like Steve was off by a week.

In “The Bachelor” world, that’s the kind of crack that can sink a spoiler Titanic.


Trista started by sending out tweets last night, after the airing of episode three:

ok…just finished Bach nite w/ the girls & we’re still gabbin, but wanted 2 send out my tweets while my mind was still fresh…here goes…

1. Valishia is 32 & is a homemaker? How are you a homemaker without a husband or kids? Am I crazy for thinking that’s weird??

2. Corrie is my definite favorite now. Her comedic performance was genius, love her style, & seems sincere && full of integrity

3. THE best line went something like “She’s needs a therapist before she needs a husband!”. Elizabeth on Michelle…hysterical!

4. The smartest move this week…bye bye Michelle. Nuff said.

5. Sorry 4 all those who luv u some reality steve, but from what I heard, he said Ella was a gone-er. Could it b he is a fraud? ya think?

6. I so want to give Ella a hug…not only 4 the sweet mention of me & Ryan, but 4 having 2 say goodbye 2 Ethan. Can’t say I could do it.

7. My new guess for final chica…Ella…she after all had her 1st date w/ Jake at Sea World which is where Ryan & I had ours.

8. Bummed about Elizabeth, have 2 admit, as wanted 2 c more. Don’t know how she couldn’t understand she was acting like a tease tho??


At this point, RealitySteve issued his responses and it became a war of tweets:

@tristasutter i was off by a wk because I misinterpreted what my source told me. i’ve been right about everything else. ella is gone next wk

@tristasutter appreciate you calling me a fraud too. nice. will i still be when the f4 plays out exactly how I said it would after wk 1?

@tristasutter i really love how you can take shots at me on twitter, but yet i can’t say anything negative or else i’m a jerk. seems fair.

@tristasutter you don’t even read my column, or else you’d realize I was off by one thing. and that’ll be the only thing this season

@tristasutter and calling someone a fraud isn’t negative? was i supposed to take that as a compliment?


This is why I hate the character limits of Twitter — it makes following a spat more difficult than necessary.

As a longtime fan of RealitySteve’s column I can’t stay I’m surprised at his defensive response. I trust his info, but he does seem to have a strange amount of peacock pride going on for a male “Bachelor” expert, and I don’t believe he needed five tweet responses to one thing Trista said.


This was Trista’s response:

@RealitySteve i didn’t say anything neg about u personally. u were wrong. bottom line.

@RealitySteve I am sorry 4 calling u a fraud. i know u won’t accept that, but u r right…it was negative & I’m sorry.


Very classy move, in my opinion. I applaud both her initial honesty about the show — there’s never any reason to apologize for your personal opinion — and for taking the high road when it came to retracting a negative word.


RealitySteve seems to have taken it the right way:

@tristasutter thank you. all i wanted to hear. esp since its not true. i misinterpreted the Ella info i got. i admit that.

@tristasutter but everything else i’ve laid out for everyone this season will happen. 100% confirmed. in the end, will it really matter i

@tristasutter was off a week on Ella when the F4/3/2/1 play out like i said it would? maybe to some, but i highly doubt it.


Since I completely forgot about the Ella info, the misinterpretation certainly doesn’t matter to me. The brief spat was much more interesting and I will return for more of Trista’s honesty next week. (I know she has spoken out in the past about being “disappointed” with Jason Mesnick’s Melissa/Molly decision, etc.)

I hope she continues to express her feelings openly without fear of more tweet attacks.

I mean, for heaven’s sake, we’re all watching “The Bachelor.” No one here is saving the planet.

(Although I bet Smart Elizabeth from Washington, D.C. gets closest. Jake, she was always too good for you.)

And for the record, although my last name is Carbone and Reality Steve’s last name is also Carbone, as far as I know, we are not related. We’re just two Italians who are (overly) passionate about this silly show. Someone help us.