By Gina Carbone

Sigourney Weaver is such a rock star. I love that she — and, it turns out, James Cameron — can poke fun at herself.

Weaver hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 16 and Andy Samberg made up for the lame Alicia Keys Digital Short last week with “Laser Cats 5.”

James Cameron makes his pitch.

It was a cross between “Aliens,” “Terminator 2” and “Avatar” — plus a shot of “Titanic” when the band refused to leave the exploding room of hatched cats.

The skit started with James Cameron — as himself — walking into Lorne Michaels’ office to talk about pitching a skit for the show.

(First Michaels told him parts of “Avatar” reminded him of “Three Amigos.” “You noticed,” Cameron said, with a “Three Amigos” poster in the background. Michaels co-wrote the film.)

Michaels said he’d put the skit on the air, but then Andy Samberg and Bill Hader rolled in a little TV to show “Laser Cats 5,” starring Samberg, Hader, Fred Armisen as The Chief and Sigourney Weaver as Ripley.

(“Believe it or not.”)

Save the love letters, kid.

There was even a love connection between Weaver and Hader, although it was spoiled by …. well, I won’t spoil it for you. Click here to watch it.

I actually enjoyed it more than “Avatar,” which could’ve used some cats, puke and time travel.

“This movie combined with ‘Avatar,’ could make a billion dollars,” Cameron told Michaels, which is true enough.

Andy Samberg becomes one of the Na'Vi

Can’t wait for “Laser Cats 6.”

SNL continued “Avatar” spoofing with “Avatar Chamber,” where Bill Hader (playing Jake Sully) got to have some awkward and sometimes painful virtual sex as Weaver, Armisen and an envious Jason Sudeikis (still my fave SNL cast member) looked on.

"Avatar Chamber"

Weaver needs more comedic roles.

Case in point:  Her reactions in “Internet Buzz” where a more narcissistic version of herself (I hope) reads online comments — the good, bad and ugly — during a Golden Globes party and threatens to punch an online hater in her “bitch mouth”!

It was actually a pretty raunchy show. She wondered if men (or women) would masturbate to some images of herself online and during her monologue she said when she watched “Aliens” she got so scared she peed for two hours straight.

I love her nasty humor. More! Stop giving Meryl Streep all of the good funny bitch roles. SigWeav is on the prowl.