I want all four of these people for "Bachelor Pad."

By Gina Carbone

I’ll say it again: “The Bachelorette” is the sole hope for “The Bachelor” franchise to hold onto any credibility as a serious matchmaking show.

Bob's marriage is off. So is "Bachelor Pad" on?

Case No. 14: Bob Guiney is getting a divorce from his wife of five years, Rebecca Budig of fellow ABC show “All My Children.”

Bob, as you know, was discovered on the first season of “The Bachelorette,” where Trista Rehn (now Sutter) found Ryan Sutter, despite a brief flirtation with some dolphins at SeaWorld.

Trista and Ryan are still together. Married. Kids.

No one in the 14 seasons of “The Bachelor” is married to the person they chose at the end of the show.

Don’t hold your breath for Jake Pavelka to find true love with the chick that he chose.

What does this really have to do with Bob — who, after all, chose Estella Gardinier on his season of “The Bachelor,” not Rebecca Budig?

Probably nothing. I’m just sad.

I thought he had found *true love* in the simpering Robsten *shippers* sense.

But the timing of it makes me think maybe maybe maybe he’ll be part of “Bachelor Pad,” the latest bad idea new show from “Bachelor” manipulator producer Mike Fleiss that will bring back 20 memorable contestants from the previous 13 cycles of “The Bachelor” and five editions of “The Bachelorette.”

The program will represent the first “all-stars” reunion series for the franchise, the Hollywood Reporter reports.  The contestants will live together in a house and compete in challenges, with some competitions inspired by incidents from past seasons. Each episode will conclude with evictions from the residence, like “Big Brother.”

ABC has ordered seven episodes, with “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison on board to misdirect the truth emcee.

Although scheduling plans are not set, expect ABC to premiere the show in the late summer coming out of the “Bachelorette” finale. (Which will feature Tenley?)

Executive producer Martin Hilton said the concept was inspired by the real-life relationships that have continued among former “Bachelor” casts.

DeAnna and Jesse

I know there’s a huge DeAnna Pappas, Holly Durst, Stagliano, etc. connection.

DeAnna was dumped by Brad Womack in the ill-fated “Bachelor” season 11 and went on to dump Jason Mesnick in “The Bachelorette” season four.

She picked Jesse Csincsak but eventually dumped him and started dating Stephen Stagliano, twin brother of Michael Stagliano, who was dumped by Jillian Harris on the most recent season of “The Bachelorette.”

Meanwhile, Michael Stagliano appears to be dating Holly Durst, who was dumped by Matt Grant in “The Bachelor: London Calling” and then began dating DeAnna’s ex, Jesse.

It really is an incestuous world, and if they include couples in the “Bachelor” world who are supposedly in serious relationships, that could make it even more fun.

Names of the cast have not yet been released, but the HP says top players, including former winners, are on board.

So who should return?

It’s hard for me to even remember who has been on this show, so I’ll just go off the top of my head with the people I remember and would like to see again:


1. Reid Rosenthal — PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE bring back my Honey Bear, whom I still believe to be the rightful king of “The Bachelor” season 14. I heart the Reid. See if you can On Demand his HGTV episode.

2. Graham Bunn. Must. Must. Must. Must bring The Graham Cracker. Love the Lost Loner of DeAnna Pappas’ season. At one point it seemed like he was, like, dating Amanda from, like, Matt Grant’s “London Calling.” Regardless of her relationship status, I, like, never want to see her again. But I do want to know what was in the letter he wrote to DeAnna.

3. Matt Grant — he deserves a second chance to find someone other than Shayne Lamas true love. He’s the hottest bachelor they’ve ever had. Funny, too. And British. Come on, now.

Matt Grant

4. Erica Rose — tiara chic from the otherwise awful “Rome” season. She’s loopy.

5. Meredith Phillips — still my favorite bachelorette.

6. Ian McKee — I loved him with Meredi. Why did they break up? Try again! Please!

7. DeAnna Pappas — so many connections, she just oozes drama

8. Jesse Csincsak — See above and how they broke up at the airport

9. Michael Stagliano — He’s connected to the above.

10. Holly Durst — Partially through this chick.

11. Jeremy Anderson — from DeAnna’s season, which was especially interesting and recent enough that the players are media-savvy and most likely to return. Jeremy was creepy, but that could work for him in a “Big Brother” like atmosphere.

If DeAnna gets another taste of The Graham Cracker, she won't have an appetite for anyone else.

12. Melissa Rycroft — Doubt it, but what fun!

13. Molly Malaney — See above.

14. Jason Mesnick — Exactly.

15. Brad Womack — Almost forgot about him. He got trashed for not picking either girl, in hindsight, he’s the smartest guy in the franchise.

16. Marshana Ritchie — Who almost convinced us she was fabulous during Matt Grant’s season. I feel like she and Erica Rose would have a great fight.

17. Wes Hayden — I still love Wes. He made for good TV.

18. David Good — Hear me out. He’s an ASS and I wanted to kill him with my own hands during Jillian Harris’ season, but he could make for great TV.

19. Juan Barbieri — Mostly so he can tell off David Good — good and proper.

20. Jillian Harris — Without Ed. Where she belongs. Maybe she will reconnect with Reid. Or convince him to call me. (Kidding. Unless it happens.)

If two people above cannot make “The Bachelor Pad,” I offer these substitutes:

21. Mary Delgado — She’s fiery.

22. Byron Velvick — If Mary is in, he has to be in.