Kara and Victoria. I like them both, so deal with it.

By Gina Carbone

Ryan Seacrest told us Beantown (OK, Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.) brought a crowd of 9,000 out in the rain for the first auditions of “American Idol” season nine.

The energy was anything but dreary (cue Augustana’s “Boston”) in this “city of champions” (cue shot of Fenway).

Guest judge Victoria Beckham joined Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi in the Boston studio, with a backdrop of the Boston Custom House Tower.

At the end of the two-hour Tuesday premiere — which covered two days in Boston — Ryan said  32 singers got into Hollywood from Boston. (He actually said, in addition to the last girl, Leah, 31 others got in. So do the math.)

And for the record: Kara DioGuardi, I love you, sweetie. Ignore the haters.

My favorites from Boston:

Maddy Curtis

Luke Shaffer

Ashley Rodriguez

Katie Stevens

Here is my VERY RAW Stream of Consciousness Recap of the Tuesday night broadcast:

1. Janet McNamara,
26, Somerville, Mass., played the American Idol video game at home.

She knocked something over are swore.

Love the little blue American Idol logo that covers people’s mouths when they swear, but it makes me miss the late great Alexis Cohen.

Goes to bathroom, jumps up and down to say she’s awesome and psyche herself up.

Pink tank top. Not a great idea.

“I’m frickin’ awesome at it.”

She’s a no, proves game does not work with a bad “Pocketful of Sunshine.”

“Does this window open?” the judges ask.

You can see the Boston Custom House Tower in the background.

She kept calling Kara “Paula.”

Maddy Curtis is "not annoying" and very talented.

2.  Maddy Curtis, 16, Bluemont, Va.

She is #9 of 12 kids.

Her bro Jonathan, #8, has Down syndrome

Parents also adopted a baby with Down syndrome. Then adopted two more kids with Down syndrome.

She’s been watching the show since she was 8.

“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

She’s good. The first yes.

She’s kind of like the old school Scarlett Johansson, before she went platinum blonde. DON’T CHANGE HER HAIR.

Simon thinks she has a bit of soul to her voice. Kara agreed, saying she has some old soul about her. It sounded authentic.

Victoria thought she looked nervous, but she liked that.

Simon thought it was refreshing that she was 16 but not annoying.

I really like this girl.

3. Pat Ford, Derry, N.H., 17,

“Can I do the holler? I love hollering! All right, awesome.”

Cut to a montage of Ford calling “Holla!” to everyone. Which is met with crickets.

Pat Ford from my state of N.H. Sorry that we produced one of Simon's annoying teenagers.

Dances and acts insane.

He described himself as a really outgoing person.

Sings “Womanizer” in his striped blue and white striped shirt.

One of the token crazies.

Randy asked him how he thought he did.

“I think I did awesome.”


“I’ve been singing and dancing all my life.”

“For what show?”

“OK, Simon, can I say this one thing: You’re even sassier  in person than you are on TV.”

The other judges love this.

Pat: “He’s sassy. He’s sassy Simon.”

Kara loved his accent.

Pat: “Kara, I knew you’d be a sweetheart.”

But it’s a no for the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Randy: “Dude, you’re a cool guy, a good hang. Stop singing forever. You can’t sing. Singing’s not your thing. … I love you, let’s hang out.”

Pat said he wanted to hug them, but asked if security would allow it.

Simon laughed at that.

Pat hugged Kara and said he’d see them next season.

You could hear Victoria Beckham say she wishes she could’ve seen him dancing on the table.

Simon: “Something to look forward to.”

4. Some girl from New York

5. Calire, Philadelphia, pretty. Nice voice.

6. Jess Wolfe, Brooklyn, nerd glasses but pretty. OK.

By noon only girls got through

7. Amadeo Diricco, 28, From Rhode Island — I like this big Italian guy with his big family.

Kara was into it right away. Her “fellow paisan.”

He has a lot of passion. His wife pushed him to do this when she told him where the auditions were being held.

It was Simon’s favorite audition of the day, because he has a huge likability thing going on. He has “good energy.”

I love when big men attack Ryan! He must get t a lot.

8. Derek Hilton, Bellingham, Mass., is a really spiritual kind of guy.

Long blonde hair.

Long nature walks.

He stops and smells the flowers outside.

He promises to touch numerous amounts of people.

He thinks he sounds like Chris Brown meets the Eagles. Victoria asks if he’s a big Chris Brown fan. Derek said he just loves how Chris touches little kids around the word.

Randy and Simon snicker.

“Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” — not really a winner.

Simon called it total rubbish.

He needs to stop talking about touching America.

Lots of tears from rejected singers.

9. Mary Doyle, 24, Walpole, Mass.

Otahu??? What was that? Whatever it was, it means “Anime freak.”

She designs hand-made kimonos.

She wants to be a singer and be successful in Japan (isn’t everyone successful in Japan?)

She’s singing Janis Joplin. Bad idea in general, but especially if you can’t sing well.

Simon said she’s not good. Mary argues with him, saying she can’t understand how he can say that, when her voice coaches and everyone else tells her she’s good.

You know, someone along the way needs to tell people like this the truth before they get to this public meltdown.

Luke Shaffer

10. Luke Shaffer, 24, New York waiter

Black cap on his head. Redish brown hair. Verrrryyyy cute. Keep!

11. Benjamin Bright, 25, Rome, N.Y.,

He and Luke were harmonizing outside. He’s good today, but I think Luke is better in voice and looks.

Andrew Fenlon

12. Andrew Fenlon, 25, Boston

With his Michael Ian Black look and glasses.

He was irritable about the long wait.

Described as local musician. “Totally single.”

He walks in and the judges seem interested in his look. Then he opens his mouth.

He’s immediately rude to Simon, who said if he wants to carry on being a “smart ass” he can leave.

He wants to sing “House of the Rising Sun.” He asks if they know that song.

Simon said he’s pushing it.

Kara asks if he’s angry or on edge.

He said it’s from waiting.

She said he wants to be in the music biz but he’s irritated about waiting for “American Idol.”

She goes off on him and he thinks she’s reading too much into the situation.

She said she’s now angry at him, “Who I don’t like. At all.”

Andrew now says there’s no problem.

Simon said he walked in sulky and aggressive and has “bad energy.” (remember the other guy had “good energy,” Simon said.)

Andrew said he was trying to show confidence.

Victoria said he did not have the goods to back it up.

Kara, Victoria and Randy said no, but Simon said he would’ve said yes.

Andrew said he thought that Simon would. Kara said Simon may be rude, but at least he can be charming.

Andrew said Kara was being vicious. Kara said he was being “naughty” — “you need a spanking.”

Randy and Simon liked the guy.

Victoria agreed with Kara that she did not like Andrew.

13. Bill Bloom, Marlborough

14. Michael Ryan, Braintree

Ashley Rodriguez

15. Ashley Rodriguez, 21, Boston

Stylish, beautiful, classy Berklee student.

“If I Got You“ by Alicia Keys

She’s good.

Kara loves her. Loves the look and the song. Called her “sultry.”

Victoria said she’s one of her favorites. She was Kara’s favorite of the day.

Simon: “Some people have got it, and I think you may have ‘it.’”

Victoria loves her natural beauty.

Kara said she thinks Ashley has a good shot.

16. Tyler Grady, 19, Nazareth, Pa.

He fell out of a tree recently and shattered both of his wrists. He has titanium plates in his radius? He’s a drummer, too, so this is bad. He wants to be the front man.

He has a retro look with the clothes and big hair.

Randy wonders if it’s 1961.

The judges ask about the tree.

He sings “Let’s Get it On.”

He’s not bad, really. The “hoo!” parts need to go. He needs a makeover, though.

The girls loved his look and taste. Funny.

Simon said this will be one of those auditions they will remember.

He’s surprised Simon said yes. So am I, frankly.

I don’t think he’ll make it far.

Day 2

1. Lisa Olivero, 24, Billerica, Mass.

She has a look that Simon likes, but the voice isn’t quite carrying it.

She sang “Vision of Love,” which was probably not the best choice.

2. Ryan from Connecticut — “Ring of Fire”

Love the King Idol sash.

Simon doesn’t like thick accents.

No golden tickets at the start!

3. Mike Davis, 18, Boston

He’s an actor on a speedboat, Codzilla.

He sings “Yesterday.”

He’s OK, but nothing that stands out to me.

Katie Stevens

4. Katie Stevens, 16, Middlebury, Conn.

She grew up in a big Portuguese family.

She’s really close with her grandmother with Alzheimer’s.

She’s fluent in Portuguese.

She sings “At Last” and she’s probably the one person who should be allowed to do so.

It’s funny. They don’t go on and on about her. They just seem blasé. She’s amazing, guys!

Kara said she has something that you either have or don’t have.

Huge crowd for her outside, though. That’s always fun to see.

Attack Ryan!

She calls her grandmother to tell her she won. Her grandmother cries. So sweet.

Ryan got tears in his eyes, too.

5. Joshua Blaylock, 28, New York

This is his last shot.

He’s cute and his voice is OK. Country.

Victoria likes his voice, but Simon said it would’ve been a good voice at age 14.

He’s forgettable, Simon said. Unfortunately, he may be right.

They try to give him lessons in assertiveness.

He can’t even tell Simon to shut up with conviction.

Simon said he’s likable.

Randy was on the fence. Joshua couldn’t be mean and pressure him, but he got four yeses anyway.

I’m still meh on him.

Montage of bad singers.

Cowboy guy! Love it!

6. Justin Williams, 27, Sandy, Utah

Tough news: Serving a mission in Spain he was diagnosed with cancer.

Gorgeous eyes, but I’m not into spiky hair.

He’s cancer-free now.

Why is someone from Utah here to steal the Boston glory?

He just wanted one of the first tickets.

“Feeling Good” audition. Michael Buble.

He has to get through, since I’ve heard this song as the voice-over to this season’s previews.

He’s a vocal coach.

Victoria said he has a nice voice and a nice presence and she thinks the girls will like her.

Kara said she would remember him.

Everyone says yes.

7. Norberto Guerrero, 18, Reading, Pa.

“Every time we touch,” Cascada

He’s like a bad metal throwback.

Michael Jackson meets Bon Jovi.

Victoria is very sweet to him.

Simon wasn’t a fan.

Simon: “You sing like a 3-year-old girl, dressed like LaToya Jackson, you’ve got a beard. The whole thing was just too weird.”

Randy egged him on.

8. Bosa Mora, 22, Columbus, Ohio

Mom and Dad from Nigeria. They met in the States when they were in school.

6 sisters, 1 brother

I love his mother’s African attire. Bright and beautiful.

His voice is all right. His attitude is great.

Simon found him “good but boring.”

Victoria stood up for him, saying she did not find him boring. She got upset with Simon for rolling his eyes.

Simon said no. The girls said yes. It came down to Randy. It was a yes.

9. Leah Laurenti, 22, Medford, N.Y.

She grew up in a strict upbringing.

Nice big voice, but she doesn’t really wow me with originality or anything. Not like Megan Corkrey last season. Then again, look what happened to her when it came to singing for a large group.

Randy said he thought she was one of the best he heard today. He liked her whole little jazzy thing.

Kara said she was a good singer and felt really emotional. She needs to know that she’s good.

Randy said “based on the voice” he says yes. Which is a subtle dig to her looks. She’s pretty, but doesn’t pop, as they might say.