Tenley to find love ... next time? Go for it!

By Gina Carbone

The question is for graduate students of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.” Not the freshmen.

We’re already down with the RealitySteve spoilers.

If you are not, WALK AWAY NOW or read on for the basics.

Last week RealitySteve told us The Rozlyn Papa Incident was coming, and also told us what would happen for the rest of the season.

According to RealitySteve, Jake Pavelka’s final four are: Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna.

The final three are: Tenley, Gia, and Vienna.

The final two: Tenley and Vienna.

And, in some twist of logic, Jake picks Vienna — who just admitted she was engaged as a teenager to her pastor’s son, whom she’d been dating for four years. She then broke off the engagement and eloped with someone she didn’t know. The marriage lasted four months.

If that doesn’t scream “soul mate,” what does!

So, in the tradition of “The Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” conveyor belt of love, will Tenley Molzahn be the next “Bachelorette”?

I got a comment from someone named Amy who thinks so.

Tenley will be the next Bachelorette, if she agrees. RealitySteve alluded to this, and they are giving her such a good edit.  Everyone likes her.  Of course I like her too, more than most of the others.”

I like her, too.


If you head to Friendster, you can find a page for Tenley Molzahn, Female, 25, “In a Relationship,” Yorba Linda, CA.

But is Friendster even a source? Why is there nothing else on the page? Can we trust this? I don’t use Friendster. You tell me.

Someone on RealitySteve’s site referenced this status, set as of a couple of weeks ago.

Does this mean she’s already been through “The Bachelorette” experience? Can’t be true — they usually wait until the show ends to draft guys who watched the show and liked her.

What do you think? I need intel, y’all! I’m starving for “Bachelor” spoilers and scoop.

And for the record, I’m still on Team Rozlyn. She claims the Chris Harrison vs. Rozlyn Papa scene was a bad edit and I believe her.

And for the record again, I do not believe Tenley is or was pregnant. I think that’s another creative editing job, with Tenley probably working up to The Big Reveal to Jake about her divorce.