Maybe this is the real love connection.

By Gina Carbone

Isn’t “The Bachelor” fun? Think about the past week.

We had the first episode of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” and it was suitably awful, featuring the (same exact girl over and over) usual mix of crazy chicks (Michelle), sweethearts (Tenley) and tiara princesses (Vienna, I refuse to believe the rumors/spoilers).

But it was nothing special. Until news spread about the “alleged affair.”

Here's Rozlyn. She said she likes the producer in a producer way, but not in a sexual way.

ABC’s sneak peek videos had been playing up the supposed sexual relations by having a voice-over from — well, you know. I don’t need to recap all that.

But just in the past week, thanks to leaks from RealitySteve, we now have 90 percent of “Bachelor” drama happening off screen, between eps.

Usually it’s only about 50 percent of the drama — who says we’re in a recession!

All those so-called fans who tsk-tsk-ed about Jake Pavelka as the bachelor — I hope you see clearly now. The success of the show has NEVER been about the guy/gal in the hot seat.

It’s always about the bachelors/bachelorettes, from the people who get drunk and hand out underwear, to Wes Hayden who allegedly had a girlfriend off the show, to Rozlyn Papas who supposedly had a boyfriend ON the show.

For the record, Team Rozlyn.

I haven’t even seen tonight’s ep yet — it’s only 7 p.m. New Hampshire time as I type this — but I’m already sold.

It’s so ABC to trump this up for ratings. And I don’t even blame them. They had to. The drama bar has been set so high, there’s nothing for it. They need ratings.

Which is exactly what Rozlyn is saying now that she’s out in the open about it.

Last Friday, Jake Pavelka openly confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that all the affair allegations are about Rozlyn.

He also spoke Monday to Access Hollywood:

“Unfortunately, Rozyln, a girl I had [been] developing feelings for, entered into an inappropriate physical relationship with a producer,” Jake told’s Laura Saltman on Monday.

“I have reason to believe it was sexual,” Jake said. “Some of the things that were said when she was gone… by the women… The women exposed it.”

So he’s throwing “the women” — also known as “the ladies” — under the proverbial bus.

But Rozlyn has spoken out to RadarOnline (not always trustworthy) and also to Entertainment Tonight (more trustworthy), confirming all the stuff RealitySteve told us last week.

To quote the ET report:

Asked if she had sex with the show producer, Rozlyn replies, “Absolutely not. No. … I made good decisions. I did not choose to have sex with someone else.”

The story has spread like wildfire. Stunned and shocked, the 28-year-old, divorced single mom told ET’s Kevin Frazier in an exclusive interview today that being portrayed as a cheater has hurt her reputation.

“I absolutely feel betrayed by the show. … They want the ratings, and that’s what they’re getting,” claims Rozlyn. “This seeps into my personal life. I have a 7-year-old little boy at home that I want to look up to me, and to have this blatant lie out there perpetuated by the show itself, it’s hurtful. It’s scary to think what my son will think of me.”

I sympathize with her — I do — but she should’ve known what she was getting into. Did she miss all of the backstage shenanigans alleged during the Jason Mesnick/Melissa Rycroft/Molly Malaney season? Did she miss Wes Hayden being thrown under a bus and trying so hard to dig his way out, as fans cursed his name?

If you really, really want your child to look up to you, you shouldn’t even be watching “The Bachelor,” never mind going on the show actually expecting to find love and respect. (Having said that, if I ever have children I plan to force them to an early bedtime so I can watch the show. Their respect is optional.)

For his part, host Chris Harrison tweeted about the situation:

“I seriously doubt after Mon show & Tues blog on you’ll have any question as to what happened.”

Beloved Chris issues his “Bachelor” recaps in blog form every Tuesday morning on Entertainment Weekly’s Web site. Read his blog from last week here.

I adore Chris H., but I worry about how much he is keeping from us.

I’m watching divorced mom Rozlyn on Entertainment Tonight TV right now and she just called the sexual affair news “a blatant lie.”

Apparently ET will be watching the show with Rozlyn. Interesting. I want a live cam.