What is really behind this mask? Anger? Misleading editing? Self-pity?

By Gina Carbone

Read below for a pretty thorough transcript of The Rozlyn Incident on the second episode of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.”

Chris Harrison promises more intel will come in his “Bachelor” blog at EW.com Tuesday morning.

But first, I still have a few questions and I’m sure others do as well. Add your own in the comments or send me an e-mail to gina_carbone@comcast.net.


1. Did the women know?

Jake Pavelka told Access Hollywood on Monday that “the women exposed it” in terms of revealing Rozlyn Papa’s alleged affair with a staffer on the show. (Did they ever say “producer” on air?)

But during the edited version of the broadcast on Monday night, the women appeared shocked. No one said a word on air about knowing anything about it.

Kathryn saw Rozlyn come back into the cocktail party after getting the boot from Chris Harrison and said Rozlyn looked “incredibly frustrated and angry.” Kathryn said when Rozlyn told them she was leaving it sent shockwaves through the room.

So did the women really know anything in advance? Which women? Was it women who had already gone? What did they (allegedly) see?


2. Why didn’t Rozlyn show emotion?

Rozlyn is strongly denying a romantic relationship, but in her discussion with Chris it was at least edited to show her in a stone-faced closeup. She did have her arms crossed later and appeared angry, but why were there no tears or strong denials, like she’s doing now to anyone who will listen?

Why didn’t she show any emotion talking to Chris? That stone-faced look is probably going to solidify her bad PR.


3. “Three hours prior”?

What was Ashley the teacher talking about after Chris and Jake broke the news, saying how Rozlyn talked to them about how wonderful Jake was but “three hours prior (was) getting it on with somebody else.”

Where did that “three hours” come from? What details/proof are we missing?

*Answer: “I don’t even know where that timing came from,” she told Reality TV World with a laugh. “I think I was just assuming that she had gotten off the date and something had occurred with the staffer when she got home. That was maybe me being a little harsh, feeling a little shock.”


4. Who is the producer and where is he?

I want to hear about how the firing was worded. I’ve read that he admitted to having feelings for Rozlyn. I want to read his statement.

*Answer: According to Reality Steve, the producer’s name is Ryan Callahan and he got a divorce last May.


5. How much of a relationship did Rozlyn have with this guy?

OK, I believe she did not have sex with him. But did they kiss? She was very sexual and forward with Jake, who is practically a monk, so it’s not too much of a stretch to believe she would be willing to kiss other men. So did they or not? What was the “line” that Chris Harrison said was crossed?

Even kissing would probably be a legit reason to dump her from the show, but not in such a public, embarrassing way. Just let her go and hopefully find love –which is supposedly the reason they all came.


6. How much did Jake know, and when?

I don’t buy that Chris just dropped the news to him on air like that. Jake has an acting background (as Jake Landrum) and I think he was recreating whatever reaction he had when this news first came out. So what is his full understanding of the situation and how did that intel come out?


7. Who got The Rozlyn Rose?

Was it Michelle? Are we stuck with her because of Rozlyn and the guy? No wonder Chris called it a “selfish” act. At least Christina is gone.


8. Is there anyone on the show who has NOT previously been married?

Previous to The Rozlyn Incident, Vienna revealed that she was engaged to her pastor’s son as a teenager, but she broke off the engagement. When he turned around a month later and got married, she retaliated like a true 18-year-old and had her own quickie wedding to someone she didn’t really know. They were married for four months.

This is on top of Tenley’s previous marriage — which Jake still does not know about at this point — and Rozlyn’s previous marriage and child, which Jake apparently did not know about on the show.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is playing so hard to get, she wrote Jake a speech about how she won’t let him kiss her. And he fell for it!


9. Who else leaves “The Bachelor”?

Previews for next week show someone appearing to leave before the rose ceremony. Is this Michelle? Someone dragging a suitcase away was shown from behind the have long blonde hair. That would suggest, say, Ashleigh, but I think it was a red herring.



Chris Harrison came into the room and asked to see Rozlyn.

Chris: So, this is something we’ve never had to deal with in the history of the show. I am very sorry that we have to have this conversation. (It’s) very awkward. I’m guessing you have some idea why I pulled you aside.

(Flash to Rozlyn looking blank but not shocked)

Chris: Rozlyn, you entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers. (Flash to her) That staffer is no longer working with us.

Rozlyn: OK.

Chris: Because of what happened, we feel it’s now impossible to then now form a meaningful relationship with Jake. Out of respect for everybody here, the girls, Jake, yourself…”

Rozlyn: So you think that there’s no other girls here that felt for other people when they came on the show?

Chris: Not at all. ‘Cause it wasn’t a relationship you had back home. It wasn’t a boyfriend that you broke up with and then came on the show. To start anew. It’s something that just happened on our show. With someone who works on the show.

Rozlyn: I mean, I don’t think that my personal life is really anybody’s business.

They keep showing her stone-faced.

Chris: This is something we take incredibly serious. For everyone on this show. We feel that there was a line that was crossed with our staffer.

Rozlyn: I’m not going to say anything. … That puts me in a bad position.

Chris: And again, I’m not sitting here in judgment of you. Nobody is. (Of COURSE they are.) I’m not saying it was wrong. It’s something that happened and now it’s something unfortunately that has to be dealt with.

Rozlyn: OK. (Still stone-faced)

Chris: The bottomline is this: We feel because of what’s happened, it’s impossible for you to continue on this show.

Rozlyn nods.

Chris asks if that makes sense. “Cause that’s important, too.”

She nods and smiles a bit and says “I respect that.”

Chris: We feel that you need to leave tonight. I know you received a rose, so obviously you’re not packed. So go pack your stuff and then there’s a van waiting for you.

(To take you DOWN BY THE RIVER)

Rozlyn: I mean, I don’t think it was anything that was deceitful or anything like that. I think it just…

Chris: Happened…

Rozlyn: I guess so.

She had her arms crossed.

She went inside and said “I’m leaving.”

Kathryn said Rozlyn looked “incredibly frustrated and angry” and when she said she was leaving it sent shockwaves through the room.

So why didn’t she show any emotion talking to Chris? That stone-faced look is probably going to solidify her bad PR. Wonder how much editing went into it…

Rozlyn is shown packing. Chris steals Jake away from Christina.

Chris: All right, so, there’s seomthing that’s happened that I feel is so serious that you need to know. And it has to do with Rozlyn. She…

Jake: Don’t tell me she’s gone.

Chris: She entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers.

Jake: You’re kidding me.

Chris: No, I’m not. The staffer’s no longer working with us and it’s something that we felt there was no other decision to make to be right by you, by the girls, by us, that she be sent home.

Jake: I don’t really know what to say. I’m just really disappointed.

Chris: Honestly this isn’t something I’m prepared for, we’re prepared for. We’re kind of dealing with this as you are being hit by this hammer.

Jake shakes his head.

Chris: I know you were dead serious about coming back here and finding your wife. You’ve said as much she’s in that room. So I know you’re dead serious about this.

Jake: Can I get my rose back?

Chris: Yeah. She doesn’t need to take room that one of these …  other fine women deserve. The other thing, the girls don’t know. So I’m going to tell them what’s going on.

Jake: I’d like to stand there with you when you tell the girls. I want them to know that … I am here for the right reason and I’m giving each and every girl my full attention and everything that I am and everything I can be to get to that one girl.

Jake tells the camera he’s hurt and disappointed and he feels he’s been “taken for a fool” because he didn’t see this coming with her.

He feels he’s been deceived by someone who was not here for the right reasons.

If they really believe she found a relationship with someone, isn’t that the whole reason they are all there?

And I thought Jake said the whole Rozlyn thing came out through “the women.” It seems here like the women were all shocked. I’m so sick of the manipulative editing.

It’s clear we can’t trust what they show here and we’re only going to get more he said/she said from Rozlyn, Chris and Jake off camera. What about the producer? I want to hear from him!

Chris and Jake come back into the cocktail party room.

Chris tells them obviously there’s something going on tonight.

Rozlyn entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers.

(Cut to women, most looking shocked.)

Chris: But you should know that we are extremely serious concerning what this show is truly about.

(Ratings! Money!)

Chris: Certain lines cannot be crossed and unfortunately were. Obviously it’s something we’re embarrassed about, but we’ve handled it and he’s no longer working on the show. And because of what’s happened we’ve sent Rozlyn home. Obviously it was impossible for her to continue, out of respect for you and Jake, and why we’re all here.

Jake: I feel kind of deceived. I’m not mad about it, I’m just really really disappointed. She looked in my eyes and she told me she was here for me. And, I guess before we continue, if there’s anybody else here that is not sure, pull me aside right now and let’s talk about it. If anybody feels that I’m not the right one for them, it’s OK. You don’t have to wait for a rose ceremony, it’s fine. I’m sorry I’m gettin’…

Michelle: I’m sorry, too. I feel for you. Because I’m here to get to know you and I’m really sorry that that has happened.

(Is Crazy the only one who spoke up? I saw tears, but I’m not sure what the tears were about if no one else stood up for him.)

Jake and Chris walked away.

The girls seem shocked. Vienna tells the camera she cannot believe Rozlyn could be so deceitful.

They are all bashing Rozlyn now. Tenley said Jake does not deserve someone who loves themself more. This deception takes her back to her own ex-husband’s deceptions.

Now the girls are worried that Jake is going to put up a wall.

Whoa! What is this from Ashley about how Rozlyn talked to them about how wonderful Jake was but “three hours prior (was) getting it on with somebody else.”

Ella (I think it was Ella, I heard the accent) said she’s glad it came out now, before the rose ceremony.

Ali basically ended it with “f–k her.”