What has he been doing all season?

By Gina Carbone

How irritating would it be for T-shirt designer Brett Clouser to win “Survivor: Samoa” after only starting to speak in the last two episodes?

I’d be ticked. But I’d also be impressed.

He got this far because he flew so far under the radar no one on the island seemed to know he was still there. Until he started winning immunity challenges and Natalie White’s heart as a fellow prayer warrior.

On the island, the Bible is the new Shakespearean sonnet.

Natalie, I think you will win.

During the reward challenge (that host Jeff Probst said took almost four hours to complete) on “Two Brains Are Better Than One,” Natalie and Evil Russell Hantz were named captains. Natalie got to choose first and she raised eyebrows by picking the one Galu guy left, Brett.

Russell picked Jaison Robinson. Natalie picked Mick Trimming. Russell was left with Shambo.

Russell ended up winning the challenge for his team and they got to dance with native Samoans and enjoy a feast.

They also talked about Natalie’s decision. Russell — spin master — said it could be Natalie forming a new alliance with Brett and Mick. He said if Brett won immunity again, they should vote out Mick.

But he never meant it. He knew his bond with Natalie was tighter than that. But what he fails to see is Natalie’s bond with everyone else is even tighter. He underestimates her because he still sees her as the surviving member of this “dumbass girl alliance.”

Natalie has surpassed Russell in the overall standings by finessing her social game. She’s made friends with Galu members — who make up the jury — and stayed behind the scenes in the big moves. She could easily win this thing and I think she’s setting herself up as the biggest threat of the game.

Bye, Sham. At least you got to bond with the locals before Russell dumped you.

Brett ended up winning the count-the-stuff immunity challenge and instead of sending Mick home the Foa Foa foursome stuck together and chucked out Shambo, who was too (simple) sweet-natured to even get upset with them.

She applauded their loyalty. Even though Russell spent the episode saying nasty things about how she could hide food in her hair, and telling Mick she had “ass breath,” Shambo will still probably vote for Russell and cheer him on if he gets to the end.

She has such a good heart. But not much of a head (she said she’s had that mullet for 23 years).

Natalie, on the other hand, hears her heart telling her to stick with Brett but seems to be on track to follow her head. This is “Survivor,” after all, not “The Bachelor.”

You want to stick with Brett? Ask him to a prayer circle after you’re a millionaire.

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