Here's Kathryn with my boy Jakob.

By Gina Carbone

Phew. I was concerned for a minute there that we were going to have  a Jeanine Mason redux. The judges not only fawned over Kathryn McCormick and compared her to Jeanine (who won SYTYCD season five) they even used the same phrases, like “The rise of XXX.”

Kathryn was named third on “So You Think You Can Dance” season six, leaving an injured Russell Ferguson and still perfect Jakob Karr as the final two.

Ellenore Scott took fourth and married couple Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello took fifth and sixth, respectively.

To quote the Emperson, everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. Last night I predicted this would be the way of it — although not my personal preference. (I wanted Ellenore and the Di Lellos to beat Kathryn.)

I predicted Russell would end up the winner, even though I would rather it be Jakob. Last night I called several times for Jakob and tried a couple of times for Russell but it was busy every time. It was only busy once for me for Jakob, then it was all too easy. Made me nervous.