Ashleigh & Ryan

By Gina Carbone

I’m not a fan of two-hour season finales. Too much recapping. I feel like I wasted time watching the whole season when this best-of episode will do. I’ll have to remember that in season seven.

As the sun now stands, we’re halfway through Wednesday’s season six finale. Ellenore Scott and Legacy Perez are doing the Travis Wall assassin dance.

And the Di Lellos have left SYTYCD.

Ryan was the first to go and it was especially sad because he was propping up Russell Ferguson, who had hurt his leg and was in obvious pain. The results show was live so Cat Deeley made Russell stand there instead of getting him help or a stool (the stool came later, for Ashleigh’s dumping.)

Ryan was grateful for being able to dance with his “sweetheart,” which made me go all “Awww!” again.

They flashed to Ashleigh in the audience and she smiled but didn’t tear up. Later, when Asheligh was dumped, she said she was grateful that God gave her the opportunity to return to dance since she was out of commission for about six years due to illness.

I love these Utah sweeties. Wonder what they will do now.