Ryan Di Lello, Ashleigh, Di Lello, Ellenore Scott, Russell Ferguson, Kathryn McCormick and Jakob Karr. Go Jakob! Kathryn, just go away!

By Gina Carbone

This is it. The last night we can call for “So You Think You Can Dance” season six. Tonight we are voting in the winner and voting out the bottom six.


I’m seeing it as a Russell Ferguson/Jakob Karr finale … with the win going to Russell.

I love Jakob best, but when Mary Murphy starts choking up talking about how in six seasons she’s never seen anyone grow as much as Russell, it makes me think he’s going to take it.

Jakob has been the best dancer from the beginning and sometimes viewers prefer watching a kind of transformation.

And even though Russell has also been good since day one, he’s a krumper; not only have they never had a krumper on the show before, it’s pretty much the farthest thing from the styles he’s been asked to do. And he’s always smiling through everything, even the loss of partners.

Speaking of, Ashleigh seemed to heal quickly. She even threw Russell during their lyrical jazz routine. (In which Russell was praised and she was ignored.)

Kathryn McCormick, meanwhile, is as overrated as Jeanine Mason was last season. If Kathryn wins I may stop watching this show. Too much disconnect between my views and voters’ views.

What on Earth are they all seeing in Kathryn?

The judges and audience gave a standing O and raves for Kathryn’s contemporary piece with Jakob. They are both contemporary dancers and this is their style — which the judges failed to mention. There was no back story and I didn’t see a connection between them or feel anything. They’ve both done so much more.

I agree with Nigel on one thing, though. Jakob should join a company and dance with others of equal talent. If he puts on a solo show in Boston I would love to see it.

I feel like Ryan & Ashleigh Di Lello are going to take the bottom spots this season, with the phenomenal Ellenore Scott (who really fought for a win Tuesday night, moving her above Ashleigh on my list) taking fourth and Kathryn logging in at No. 3.

But we’ll see.

Numbers to call Tuesday, Dec. 15:

(Ranked in order of my preferred finale placement)

Jakob for the win.Jakob Karr: 1-888-836-7604

Russell Ferguson: 1-888-836-7606

Ellenore Scott: 1-888-836-7603

Ashleigh Di Lello: 1-888-836-7605

Ryan Di Lello: 1-888-836-7602

Kathryn McCormick: 1-888-836-7601


1. Kathryn McCormick & Ryan Di Lello, samba

Ryan was shirtless and barefoot. He did an amazing lift at the end where she went over his head and into a kind of piggyback.

But, of course, the judges went wild over Kathryn because she is not the ballroom dancer. She wasn’t as good either, but they tend to leave that out when talking about her.

Nigel Lythgoe said if you told him only one of them was a ballroom dancer he wouldn’t believe it.

Ryan, you deserve more praise than the judges gave you this season.

Mary Murphy called Ryan an “Italian Stallion” and said Kathryn was so into it and eating it up.

Adam Shankman said”This show should now be called the rise of Kathryn.”

(Last season, during the finale, they went on about “The rise of Jeanine,” meaning Jeanine Mason, who ended up winning.


2. Ellenore Scott & Jakob Karr, Broadway

They are just amazing together. Both so sharp.

Nigel said Tyce Diorio has allowed Ellenore to be Fosse-esque and Jakob to be Jakob-esque. It showed then off to their best.

Mary said Ellenore was smoldering and just as sexy as can be. Jakob is tremendous out there and tonight there’s just a little bit extra.

Adam said it made the Broadway style hip, young and new again. Ellenore has never looked more gorgeous, he said. And Jakob is a selfless dancer because with all he can do he could easily make it about himself but he’s a great partner.


3. Ashleigh Di Lello & Russell Ferguson, lyrical jazz

Now Russell is shirtless. This is one of those dances that would do well with some intro explanation of the intent.

Nigel said Ashleigh should forgive him because the whole routine was about Russell. Nigel couldn’t take his eyes off Russell. Russell is such an inspiration. There was a great chemistry between the two of them.”Russell, you are just bloody incredible.”

Russell will probably win. Go Boston boy!

Mary said Ashleigh was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous tonight. Her passion throughout the dance was so right on and believable and Russell helped her along the way. She started choking up talking about how she hasn’t seen anybody grow in six seasons the way she’s seen him grow.

Adam said Ashleigh was literally his guardian angel in the piece and she did a beautiful job portraying that. Russell kicked that dance’s ass.


4. Ellenore & Ryan, jazz

Ellenore is a contemporary jazz dancer, so this is kind of her thing. She looked like it, too, but Ryan was just as good.

Jerky, robotic movements with expressionless faces. It does compute!

Nigel said the problem for him is it was totally devoid of emotion. “It becomes like a technical exercise.” It was more techno than jazz so it made him uncomfortable. But they did everything that was asked of them.

Mary loved it because it was different and unique. She found herself getting into it. There were some dynamic moments.

Adam said he agreed with both of them. He thought Ellenore was the choreographer’s muse and Ryan was a great utility player in the relationship.


5. Ashleigh & Jakob, foxtrot

I missed them as a couple, but I’ve never missed a foxtrot. I wish they had a more exciting dance. Maybe the Bollywood she was supposed to do last week?

Ashleigh has the expressiveness of Katee and Kayla from the past two seasons.

Nigel said Ashleigh was fantastic in that. The chemistry between the two of them this season has been outstanding. He didn’t think it was as strong as some of the routines they’ve seen tonight.

Mary said Ashleigh is more toward the Latin side, but she does this style beautifully. Mary said Jakob is improving in ballroom, although he still needs a little bit of work in the hold.

Adam said Ashleigh was lovely and the dance suited her. The Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire foxtrot was about showing each other off and they did that beautifully.


Ellenore & Russell, paso doble

Love the shadows behind the screen and the fiery background. Russell is shirtless again.

Very strong from both of them. Ellenore doesn’t really need The Jakob Effect, does she.

Nigel wondered where the shirts are tonight. He criticized Russell’s steps and hips, but applauded his passion and fire. But he didn’t have as much passion and fire as Ellenore. She was perfect and gave him all the emotion he wanted from her last routine.

Ellenore! Meep bleek rrwsbt xxirspo &3xriptBre! (She understands.)

Mary said Ellenore was a little Spanish vixen. Russell didn’t quite have the technique but he made up for it with his passion.

Adam said Ellenore was extroverted in her Broadway and introverted in this routine, dancing from within. Russell was doing pointed toes and straight legs and looked amazing.


Kathryn & Jakob, contemporary

Two contemporary dancers doing a contemporary piece. But my favorite part was hearing the Michael Bublé song. They just didn’t feel connected, to me. Although they gave it their all, certainly. Loved his floor pounding at the end. What can I say? Maybe I just need a back story.

The judges and audience loved it, though.

Nigel said “You guys just stopped the show.” (Really?) Nigel said Kathryn is his favorite girl and has been for several weeks. She picks up whatever they give to her. Jakob now has to grow even more and mix with dancers who are as equally good as him. He needs to join a company. Because he will become an incredible soloist.

Mary said it was one of the best performances she’s ever seen.

Adam said “that was a game changer.” They humbled him and made him mad and he’s going to stop talking. (Because he was choking up.)

(Why didn’t anyone mention that they are both contemporary dancers and this is their style? They always bring it up for every other dance.)


Ashleigh & Ryan, contemporary

Ryan got to dance with his wife on the last performance show of the season. Aww!

Ashleigh is such an expressive dancer. All that emotion in her face. She reminds me of Katee from season four and Kayla from season five — my two favorite dancers from the past two seasons.

She has kind of an Evangeline Lilly (Kate on “Lost”) thing going on.

Nigel said a lot of people would say both of them are in the finale because of the groundswell of emotion from her injury. He said the pair of them have accounted for themselves very well tonight. But he thinks Ashleigh has better chemistry with Jakob than her husband.

(I HATE when people use the “a lot of people would say…” passive-aggressive approach to a backhanded compliment.)

Mary said it’s very rare for a married couple to have a moment like this on a world stage and what a memory this will be for the two of them.

Adam asked the how it felt. Ashleigh said “It’s perfect” as Ryan wiped away a tear. The hallmark for Adam was to experience the tenderness.

(They didn’t seem to rave about the dance like the last piece. Why not?)


Kathryn & Russell, hip hop

Final dance of the night is serious placement. I feel like SYTYCD is selling Russell and Kathryn to us.

I am not feeling this dance at all. Kathryn does not translate for me most of the time. I’m seeing her purple shoes more than her dancing.

Nigel said that was the final competitive routine of this season. So he was happy to be able to say “Yes, that was great.” He said this was Russell’s style (not true) and he couldn’t believe Kathryn was as good as she was. She got down and dirty. (What??) She stole his heart.

Mary gave a woo hoo and said they stole her heart, too.

Adam said this is the absolute beauty of the show. Kathryn did contemporary and samba before putting on jeans and tearing up the floor. Russell did jazz and paso before he went and killed it. “That was so hot you guys!”

(Really? Am I the only one completely missing the hotness?)