Ed does not look well at all.

Ed does not look well at all.

I’m not feeling it. The whole Ed Swiderski thing.

I do think he has more of a connection with Jillian Harris than Kiptyn Locke.

Then again – no offense – I’m thinking amoebas may have more of a connection with Jillian Harris than Kiptyn Locke.

Please tell me the rumor about Kiptyn being the next “Bachelor” is false. Nice guy. Good guy. Just not interesting to watch (unless we just watch the abs).

This is how it played out:

Ed met Jill’s family.

Kiptyn met Jill’s family.

As usual, the fam liked both of them. No real help there.

Jill had overnights with both guys.

Jill’s romantic problems with Ed are over. Volcano eruption over.

The guys picked out rings. They both planned to propose.

Kiptyn got out of the limo first — which, five seasons into “The Bachelorette,” we know is a bad thing.

Kiptyn made a lovely speech that Jill should’ve cut off at some point. At least she didn’t let him pull a Jason Mesnick and propose.
He was “hurt” but not devastated, it seemed.

But before Ed could get out of his limo and propose, Reid Rosenthal returned.

No shock there, but WHY does ABC pull this crap? Why did they rush him from the limo between Kiptyn’s and Ed’s limos?

Host Chris Harrison said Reid didn’t have much time because Ed was on his way, forcing Reid to do his quick “I love you” and bended knee thing and forcing Jillian to make a quick decision.

Jillian isn’t good at decision-making, even on the best of days.
So this was obviously contrived, especially if Reid really did decide to return on the plane ride back to Philadelphia. That must’ve been at least a few days – if not a lot more – before this last episode was taped.

They had plenty of time to bring him back, even if he did have to pull a million strings, as he claimed.

(Doubt it. The producers needed a dramatic finale to at least come close the climax of Jason Mesnick’s “Bachelor” earlier this year.)
Chris Harrison sat down with Jill and basically talked her into sticking with Ed.

Ed came out, he said he loved her. She said she loved him. He proposed. She said yes.

All very happy ending?

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